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Fork lift truck wide load supports contact ffa

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Fork Lift Truck Wide Load Supports - Contact FFA

Fork Lift Truck Wide Load Supports - Contact FFA

The Contact FFA offers a simple solution to handling wider loads like steel beams or pipework. Balance larger and longer loads  with this fork lift truck attachment.
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You can use forklift extensions like these examples from Contact to enhance the performance of a standard truck and also gain safety benefits for specific material handling tasks. There are two models in this range, the details of which can be found right here.

 FFA explained

The 2 central forks secure onto the tines of the forklift truck via heel retention pins whilst the outer 2 forks give extra balance and support to the wider load. 

There are five different Contact FFA forklift extensions to consider, each of which has its own load capacity to take into account. The WLLs on offer range from 1000kg up to 5000kg, although every example shares the same maximum fork size and width measurement. 

AFFA investigated

There is an AFFA wide load stabiliser, which, unlike the fixed FA model, the outer forks/tines can be adjusted laterally to better suit the load size. 

Easy to fit via the 2 central forks. Secures to the forklift truck via 2 heel retention pins.

Heavy duty cross beam for added stability. 

Enables more stable load movements for larger/longer loads such as steel beams. 

There are only 3 models in the AFFA range, as opposed to 5 in the FFA family. The base model sports a 1000kg capacity, the mid tier option has 2000kg of WLL to play with and the heaviest duty example has a 3000kg capacity. 

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Find out more

You can dial 01384 76961 or email LGD if you want to get further information on these forklift extensions from Contact or if you are ready to place an order.


Model Capacity (KG) Max fork size (mm) Width up to (mm) Sleeve length up to (mm)
FFA-1 1000 140x50 5000 2000
FFA-2 2000 140x50 5000 2000
FFA-3 3000 140x50 5000 2000
FFA-4 4000 140x50 5000 2000
FFA-5 5000 140x50 5000 2000