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Welcome to the Hoists and hoisting equipment page, here you will find all types of manual hoists and powered hoists for lifting applications within their respective categories. Choose from electric hoists, air hoists, lever hoists, chain blocks, and scaffold hoists, wire rope hoists, block & tackle, builders hoists, pull winches, and minifor hoists.

Buying lifting hoists from industry specialists Lifting Gear Direct is quite straight forward, but should help or advice be needed then the team is on hand to guide you in the right direction so you buy the best hoist for your lifting application to suit your budget.

There is such a wide variety of hoisting equipment to choose from it is a good idea to think carefully about the type of hoist you need, and which will be best suited to your specific lifting operations in the short and long term. We can also supply crane and hoist radio remote control systems.

Delta DEH Electric Hoist Delta DEH Electric Hoist

Delta DEH Electric Hoist


About the Delta DEH Electric Hoist  The Delta DEH electric hoist has alw..

Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Trolley Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Trolley

Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Trolley


Why Choose the Delta DEH Electric Hoist with Trolley Combo When you need to us..

Delta DY Chain Block Delta DY Chain Block

Delta DY Chain Block


About the Delta DY Chain BlockDesigned for vertical lifting you should ensure t..

LGD Lever Hoist LGD Lever Hoist

LGD Lever Hoist


More about the LGD Lever hoist Whether you need to lift and lower, add tension ..


TEA HE 235 Scaffold Hoist


Designed with care and built using excellent materials and components, the HE 23..

Yale Mini 360 Chain Block Yale Mini 360 Chain Block

Yale Mini 360 Chain Block


Benefits of the Yale mini 360 Chain Block The extremely compact nature of thi..

Yale Mtrac Mini Hoist


Key Features of the Mtrac Mini HoistThere are numerous features to the Mtrac h..

HE500 MF Twin Fall Builders Hoist


Features of the HE500 MF Twin Fall Builders Hoist This particular builders ..


L'Europea HE 200 Scaffold Hoist


 The HE 200 model is complete with pendant control & Scaffolding Bracke..

Yale UNOplus A-Series Lever Hoist Yale UNOplus A-Series Lever Hoist

Yale UNOplus A-Series Lever Hoist


Key Features of the Yale UNOplus-A Series Lever HoistThe UNO plus A series ratc..

Yale VSlll Chain Block Yale VSlll Chain Block

Yale VSlll Chain Block


It forms part of a broader range of lifting equipment from Yale, which includes ..

Delta DTS Electric Hoist


Key Features of the Delta DTS Electric Hoist The Delta DTS electric chain hoi..

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Hoists & Hoisting Equipment

Delta Electric Hoist Importers  

Lifting Gear Direct are proud to be the Premium UK supplier of Delta Electric Hoists. These reliable hoists incorporate high quality components including easily changeable contactor relays. The plug and play functionality enables easy switching of specific components such as suspension type and control options. Push and power trolleys also available off the shelf.  

Powered Hoists

Powered hoisting devices come in 2 forms; electric or pneumatic air powered. Pneumatic air hoists are commonly utilised where electric power is unavailable or not appropriate for the working environment; for example, where chemicals are used and electrics could cause sparks and therefore fires or explosions. Areas such as paper mills, paint factories, oil refineries, and chemical industries will all most probable utilise air powered hoists. Air powered hoists will require an air compressor unit, which can be located outside the factory and piped inside to run many air tools. Additional lifting equipment such as lifting shackles and slings are always available.

Other Electric Hoist Brands & Features

The electric hoists segment of the market is particularly competitive. If you are looking for reliable models from DemagDonati, Stahl, Kito, and many more, our site is the best place to find them. One of the advantages of choosing an electric chain hoist is the speed with which lifting and lowering can be completed. Even the slowest models allow speeds of up to 1.5 metres per minute to be achieved. The quickest units can hit 12 metres per minute, which will help you to complete tasks efficiently without compromising on safety. Modern electric hoists also boast quiet operation and low maintenance designs. This means they are easy to work with and affordable to own over the expected lifespan. When you do need to replace parts, we also have an extensive catalogue of spares, including everything from chains and fixtures to wire ropes and accessories. Lifting Gear Direct is the best place to find the electric hoists and accessories you need to get the job done.

Air Hoist Brands & Capabilities

When it comes to air-powered hoisting equipment, there are a number of market-leading brands to grab your attention. At Lifting Gear Direct you can buy compact, cost-effective pneumatic hoists from JDN, with capacities starting out at as little as 125kg for smaller tasks. The two chain hoists from Red Rooster come in a number of configurations, putting up to 2000kg of lifting power at your disposal in their most basic form. Higher up the range, you can find models that are built to bear loads of 50 tonnes, which demonstrates just how versatile and potent an air hoist can be in the right hands. Check out the air hoist section of our site to see every product we offer in this category.

Electric hoists are a common occurrence in a vast array of industries because they are easy to use, enable lifts to be completed quicker, and moreover allow them to be done safely; protecting individuals and the load. Electric hoists are available with different lifting capacities, some of which are able to lift loads of around 20,000kg and more. These hoists are robust and require little maintenance providing they are looked after and professionally inspected each year. They do however use electricity to work and so will have additional running costs. Wire Rope Hoists, builders Gantry hoists and Scaffold hoists fall into this category as they too are electrically powered.

Manual Hoisting Equipment

The main types of manual hoisting devices are chain blocks also known as manual chain hoists and lever hoists. Both of these types of hoists work by hand so no power is required; this allows them to be used pretty much anywhere, as long as they can be hung securely. Chain blocks, work by attaching the load on the bottom hook and then pulling down on one of the chains, this guides the chain over a gear to increase the power and the mechanical work being carried out by the gear ratio inside the device's housing. The load is easily lifted and lowered by pulling on the other chain. There are some types of chain blocks available which can lift at any angle, these are the 360 degree models.

Lever hoists are not only used to lift loads but also to pull and tension, in practically any position. A lever hoist works by cranking a handle/lever up and down, the chain moves over the ratchet and pawl system to raise, pull, or tension. Most ratchet lever hoists have a free chaining mechanism, which enables the chain to be pulled out freely to the length required to connect to the load. Ratchet lever hoists are ideal for exact positioning in small spaces and for tie down operations.

Manual Hoist Brands & Benefits

You can find all of the best manual chain block hoist brands here at Lifting Gear Direct, including products from Hacketts, Yale, Tiger, and Tractel. Our lever hoists come from companies such as Gunnebo and GT, as well as many of the manufacturers mentioned above. One of the main advantages to buying any one of the manual models we offer is that they are much more affordable for light lifting work where a more expensive, the bulkier alternative is not appropriate. There is still a solid selection of lifting capacities to choose from, starting at as little as 125kg and peaking at 30 tonnes in some cases. The heavy duty models can compete well against their powered counterparts, so you can expand your search and consider a wide array of hoist products when you shop with us.

We can conclude from the above that both powered and manual hoists have great benefits, but it really depends on where you need to use them and for what type of application will influence your choice of hoist.

Your Hoisting Equipment Questions Answered

We believe in keeping our customers informed, so if you need to learn more about any of the powered electric hoists or manual models we sell, please get in touch today. Call 01384 76961 or email our team using our straightforward contact form. We can also provide you with a quote if you need to take advantage of the maintenance and inspection services that Lifting Gear Direct can perform.

Lifting Hoist FAQ's

What are the different types of lifting hoists?

There are two key areas for lifting hoists, the powered variety and the manual variety. Powered hoists include electric hoists and pneumatic air hoists. Electric hoists include scaffold hoists, builders gantry hoists, pull winch, mini winch wire rope hoists and the minifor hoist. The manual hoist category incorporates the chain block / manual chain hoist / block and tackle and ratchet lever hoists.

What should I consider when choosing a lifting hoist?

Think about whether you want powered or manual, what weight do you want to lift? (don't guess) Where will the hoist be fitted/ how will it attach? Do you need a beam trolley? What is the load bearing capacity of the crane or location the lifting hoist will fit to? If choosing an electric hoist, do you need a radio remote control system? Choose the correct safe working load lifting capacity. Talk to a lifting equipment specialist for advice and buy from a reputable company like Lifting Gear Direct to ensure your hoist complies to all the necessary regulations.

What is a Lifting Hoist Used For?

Lifting hoists are special devices used for lifting heavy and/or large loads that would normally be difficult or impossible for a person to lift manually.  A lifting hoist typically lifts and lowers a load vertically but are commonly used on a crane's beam anchored to a beam trolley so that the hoist and load can move back and forth across the beam. They are used in many industrial areas like factories, warehouses, manufacturing, engineering, oil & gas, Utility companies, shipping, docksides and many other places.

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