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Gas bottle storage shouldn't be taken lightly. There are many things to consider to ensure gas cylinders are stored correctly and in a way which minimises all potential risks. Read on below to find out more.

CTCS Gas Bottle Storage Stand


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Gas Bottle Holder - Wall Mounted WR Series


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CST Cylinder Storage & Transport Pallet


About the CST Gas Cylinder Storage & Transport Pallet This pallet type cag..

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Why is Gas Bottle Storage is so Important?

LPG or liquefied petroleum gas is used in a vast range of industries for different applications. It is commonly found as Propane, Butane or a mix of both and typically stored in metal bottles or cylinders with a valve at the top to which a regulator is attached to regulate the flow of gas.

All LPG bottles are flammable and therefore presents fire or explosion hazards. Due to the fact that LPG is heavier than air it is able to settle on surfaces and has the potential to build up in constrained places such as drains providing an environment susceptible to explosion.

Other types of gasses are also held in large metal cylinders, such as gas for welding, typically made up of Argon, CO2 or a mix of both. Sometimes nitrogen is used for Mig welding. Acetylene is yet another gas stored in this way.

For the reasons described above all types of gas cylinders should be handled and stored according to guidelines provided by the LP gas association and HSE. In addition DSEAR or dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations must also be followed. Only when all aspects set out in these regulatory guide have been met can you be as sure as you can be that your LPG gas cylinders are as safe as possible.

Gas Cylinder Storage Options

Lifting Gear Direct take safety seriously and because we use LPG ourselves in our factory we understand the implications. We can now supply a good selection of simple but effective LPG gas bottle storage solutions which should suffice for basic requirements when LPG is used in smaller quantities such as one or two bottles used for random welding jobs.

There are a couple of options to choose from including Wall mounted gas bottle storage racks and stands for storing one or two gas bottles. Cylinder storage platform cages which can be also be used on a forklift for lifting and transporting cylinders as well as for storing are another useful option when it comes to gas bottle storage and handling. We also have the FCC cylinder cradle for up to 6 gas bottles and which can double for storage and lifting tasks.

Whichever you choose it is your responsibility to ensure all safety guidelines are met as stated above. Follow the trusted links above to find out all you need to know about LPG cylinder storage, safety and transportation.


What is the best way to store 1 or 2 gas bottles?

All gas cylinders should be stored correctly in accordance to the latest safety guidelines. There are a number of simple storage solutions for 1 or 2 cylinders which include a gas bottle stand, wall mounted cylinder holder or a storage pallet.

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