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TEA International has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing different hoists primarily for the construction industry and are based in Casalmaggiore, Lombardy, Italy. With these hoists operators can lift from the ground, via jib cranes, via gantries or fix directly to scaffolding. These scaffold hoists can be found around the world on many different construction sites. They strive to offer the best quality products possible and the best customer service in order to meet customer needs.
The TEA L’Europea scaffold and builders gantry hoisting system is commonly used by builders on both large and small construction sites.
Some of the hoists are radio controlled making operation much simpler for operatives on building sites. Motors are available in single phase and three phase models. The TEA L’Europea range can actually lift anywhere from 200KG to 1600KG in weight.
Call us on 01384 76961 for details about these hoists and how they can help in your workplace.

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TEA HE 235 Scaffold Hoist


Designed with care and built using excellent materials and components, the HE 23..

HE500 MF Twin Fall Builders Hoist


Features of the HE500 MF Twin Fall Builders Hoist This particular builders ..


L'Europea HE 200 Scaffold Hoist


 The HE 200 model is complete with pendant control & Scaffolding Bracke..

HE 500TF Builders hoist


 This builders hoist can lift and lower loads almost three times as quickly..

HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch


HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch Features Just like the HE 150 Veloce this is a tri..

HE 800TF Builders Hoist


 Sitting as part of the TEA L’Europea range, this builders hoist provi..

HE 800MF Builders Hoist


 This builders hoist is one of the higher capacity models from the TEA L’Eu..

L'Europea HE 150 Veloce Scaffold Winch


 Thanks to its 33 metre per minute average lifting speed, it can outpace it..

HG 200 Builders Scaffold Hoist


HG 200 Scaffold Hoist Features & Benefits The HG 200 electric hoist sits on..

TEA Scaffold Hoist Prop TEA Scaffold Hoist Prop

TEA Scaffold Hoist Prop


About the TEA Scaffold Hoist PropThe prop can be securely clamped to a vertical ..

Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle


Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle This particular gantry frame or tres..

Ballast Boxes


Ballast can be any material and is used to provide stability, usually to a vehic..

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