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Plate Lifting Clamps

Lift Plate Materials Easily with a Plate Lifting Clamp from Lifting Gear Direct

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Plate lifting clamps are part of our plate lifting equipment range and are designed for lifting and transferring plates such as steel sheets and other similar materials. A plate clamps can be used to safely and securely move plate materials, a horizontal lifting clamp or vertical lifting clamp are your options here. This lifting tool is ideal for manufacturing and other industrial settings. With plate clamps from big brands and various capacities to browse, our line up is sure to accommodate any operational requirements. 

Delta Universal Plate Clamp Delta Universal Plate Clamp

Delta Universal Plate Clamp


Using a Delta Plate Clamp Lifting steel sheets at an angle or changing its or..

GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD Type

GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD Type


About the GT Viper Vertical Plate Clamp - CD type The CD Viper Vertical pl..

GT Viper Horizontal Plate Clamp


About the GT Viper Horizontal Plate Clamp The GT (George Taylor) GQ viper ..

Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp

Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp


Created by Camlok and supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, the 92 Series plate clamp..

Camlok CZ  Plate Clamp  (Heavy Duty)

Camlok CZ Plate Clamp (Heavy Duty)


This plate clamp can help when lifting plate materials in various contexts, impr..

Camlok CH Plate Clamp Camlok CH Plate Clamp

Camlok CH Plate Clamp


 Lifting Gear Direct can supply this and many other plate lifting equipment..

Camlok CY  Plate Clamp (Hinged) Camlok CY  Plate Clamp (Hinged)

Camlok CY Plate Clamp (Hinged)


Camlok CY Plate Clamp Explained The CY hinged plate clamp is ideal for transpor..

Camlok L J Plate Clamp


Basic benefits of the Camlok L J Plate Clamp The LJ is ideal for lifting, ..

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Plate Lifting Clamps

 Used with a crane hook, the clamp’s cam and jaw mechanism locks the plate in place. Although one can be used to move certain lightweight loads, plate lifting clamps are generally used in pairs in order to lift and transfer loads. Plate clamps are part of our extensive lifting equipment line up that should provide all you need to handle heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Benefits of the plate clamp

Like all of the plate lifting products we supply, the primary purpose of picking plate clamps as a solution to your load-lugging needs is if you are specifically intending to shift plate materials, such as sheet metals.  

With the right plate clamp you will be able to manoeuvre these otherwise awkward objects without any hassle, helping you to improve productivity and also limit the risks associated with this type of activity.

Horizontal and vertical lifting clamps

Lifting Gear Direct supplies a range of horizontal and vertical plate lifting clamps, including sturdy equipment designed specifically for handling heavyweight items. Vertical plate lifting clamps are intended to grip the plate and secure it in a vertical orientation, while horizontal clamps offer an alternative approach which may be more convenient, depending on your setup and the amount of space that is available. 

All of our plate lifting clamps are tested to ensure safe and effective operations, and they meet the stringiest of safety and quality standards. If you need help choosing the right clamp, contact us by completing our online enquiry form.

More Plate Lifting Clamp options

As you might expect there are lots of different types of plate clamps to consider ordering from our site. 

We supply high grip and twin clamp models, as well as versatile universal plate clamps for horizontal and vertical lifting needs.

We also have models which can lift plate at various angles, like the Camlok CY plate clamp. This has a hinged lifting eye which facilitates angled lifting. Always follow the instructions to make sure the angle you are lifting at is appropriate and safe.

In general you can expect to see plate clamps deployed simultaneously, with two clamps making for a more secure, stable lifting experience with a higher load capacity than a single clamp. However, if the weight of the material is low, single clamp lifting may be possible. 

Brands & more

There is a lot of choice in our plat clamp range, so if you are checking out your options for the first time, you might want to search for a particular manufacturer that you are familiar with already. 

We stock plate clamps from brands including GT, Camlock, Raptor, Riley, Topal and lots of other top firms. 


Individual plate clamp models are often created in several iterations to cater to different lifting capacities. 

For example, the GT CD vertical clamp has a total of five different load limits available, starting at 500kg and topping out at 5 tonnes. 

You should also consider the weight of the clamp itself, as well as its dimensions and other relevant specifications, when making your choice. 

Add-ons & other products

A plate clamp requires other equipment to work as intended and at Lifting Gear Direct you can grab a host of other products and accessories to go along with your plate clamp order. 

You might want to buy shackles and slings, you might require an entire gantry system or jib crane for your business. We have all this and much more to peruse online. 

If you have other types of awkward loads to lift and shift, our material handling equipment will be a great help. Meanwhile our height safety kit is capable of serving an important purpose in some of the most precarious professional scenarios. 

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Let Lifting Gear Direct give you advice and quotes for plate clamps and other lifting equipment by calling our sales specialists on 01384 76961 or by emailing us today from our contact page.



What are plate lifting clamps?

Plate lifting clamps are specialised devices that use their jaws to clamp securely onto plate materials such as steel sheets. The clamps anchor to a hoisting device so that the clamp and load can be lifted.

What are the types of plate clamps available?

The most common types of plate lifting clamps are vertical plate clamps and horizontal plate clamps, they lift the sheet material in the orientation their respective name suggests. You can now also get more universal plate lifting clamps, some are able to lift at angles and some can lift in one orientation and set down in another.

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