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Crane Forks

Pallet Lifters for Cranes

There are many occasions where our crane forks would come in handy! For example - do you have a crane, but not a fork lift truck? If so then these crane pallet forks will help you lift and move palletised loads higher than a standard pallet truck. Some pallet lifters for cranes may also be used for lifting coils when the tines are set closer together. Lifting Gear Direct has a few options available, all at affordable prices so call us today on 01384 76961.

Crane Forks TKG VH - Tigrip


Features of the TKG VH Crane ForksThese crane forks are able to handle pallet ..

Self Levelling Crane Forks


About the Self Levelling Crane Forks Do you need to lift palletised load..

TKG VHS Crane Forks


Key Features of the TKG VHS Crane ForksJust like the TKG VH version the VHS bo..

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About Crane Forks

Crane forks offer a convenient way to move palletised loads when you don't have a fork lift truck. If you have a mobile gantry, Jib crane or perhaps an overhead crane together with a beam trolley then you can attach a crane fork system and move it cross the beam. Some type of hoist will be required to lift the forks and frame together with the load. This could be a simple chain block or an electric hoist.

Crane forks are height adjustable by moving the socket pin into the required height hole and locking into place. The tines are also adjustable, they can be moves closer together or further apart as required by using the spring pins located to the rear of the tines.

The two models we offer both have an automatic balancing system which may incline the forks slightly, this will help to prevent loads from slipping off but should be no more than 5%. There are other differing features between the two TKG models, the VH and the VHS. See each individual product for all the technical details.

Loads lifted with the crane forks need to be kept inline with the centre of gravity and works together with the balancing mechanism to ensure good stability.

More ways to move pallets and other loads

Lifting Gear Direct has numerous load moving products that can be used to lift and move palletised loads. Pallet trucks are probably the most popular with different models to choose from including long forked models and heavy duty models. Load moving skates could also be used for moving pallets. Similar products for load moving include fork lift truck attachments which use the tines to convert the truck to lift a particular load type or lift in a different way altogether.

Getting in Touch with Us

Help and advice can is always available with a phone call to the Lifting Gear Direct team on 01384 76961. Quotes and more information requests can also be obtained this way but you can also email us using the contact forms.


What are crane forks?

 Crane forks are a lifting device which is slung from a crane hoist, the two lower forks can be used for lifting pallets together with their loads.

When are crane forks used?

Crane forks are typically used when palletised loads need to be lifted higher than standard equipment like pallet trucks and stackers can achieve. Or you don't have a general need for these but do have a crane and or hoist system.

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