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Mini Hoist / Endless Winch

Bi-directional mini lifting hoist for sale

There are some occasions where a standard hoist can't reach the desired height of lift and a standard wire rope winch isn't powerful enough; This is where the Yale Mtrac mini hoist or mini winch comes into play. With endless winching capabilities long/high distances can be achieved at good speeds making lifting/pulling very efficient.

The Mtrac mini winch is very versatile thanks to its bi-directional pulling capabilities and option to use 2 load hooks. This makes it suitable for use in many industries for a wide variety of applications including maintenance tasks, assembly work, wind power installations, water and power plants, and more.

Yale Mtrac Mini Hoist


Key Features of the Mtrac Mini HoistThere are numerous features to the Mtrac h..

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With endless winching and a range of power voltage options, the Mtrac winch combines a modern design with technical innovation. Designed with mobile applications in mind the Mtrac offers simple and safe operation, what's more, you can lift loads over long distances and at higher speeds than most standard hoists.

Yale Mtrac Mini Hoist Advantages

One of the main advantages to the Yale Mtrac endless winch is the fact that it has an option to add a second hook so it can be used bi-directionally. This patented design enables load moving on both rope outlets for super efficient operation. The actuator enabling this function is unique to the Mtrac hoist.

So how does it work? Basically, when a load is lifted and reaches the top, the second hook will be at the lower lever, ready to attach a second load. The lifting frequency is doubled when the 2 falls are evenly loaded alternately with the rated load.

Mtrac endless winches can be used in many orientations, vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. Multiple bolting points on the housing enable attachment according to your needs.

There are several mounting options for the Mtrac hoist enabling versatility when it comes to mounting the hoist. It can even be fitted with a Yale trolley for use on a beam such as on a lifting gantry or Jib crane.

The built-in carrying handles and lightweight design means the unit is easy to move around by one or two people.

Lifting capabilities range from 66kg up to 500kg although the two fall design option can go up to 1000kg.

The modular units make maintenance relatively simple. With easy access to critical parts and slip clutch re-adjustment easy in addition to easy brake inspection, you can't go wrong. The handle or carrying frame can also be assembled and removed with ease.

More Details

To find out all the technical specifications and options available with the Yale Mtrac mini hoist head over to the product page where you will find all the information you are likely to need. You can find out more about the Yale brand in the shop by brand pages as well as all the Yale products Lifting Gear Direct can supply. We have collaborated with Yale for many years and so our prices are simply the best! Call us if you need any help, 01384 76961.


What is a mini hoist?

Our mini hoist or endless winch is a powered lifting device which is smaller then standard electric hoists but more powerful than a standard winch, making it suitable for more space limited areas. Whats more unlike standard hoists the mtrac endless winch can lift to endless heights and bi-directional lifting is possible.

What weight can an endless winch handle?

Our Mtrac endless winch has various lifting capacities dependimg on the model chosen with a top swl of 500kg.

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