Atex spring balancers

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ATEX Spring Balancers

Buy ATEX rated Tool Balancers from Lifting Gear Specialists

ATEX spring balancers or tool balancers can be used in hazardous environments such that the atmospheric conditions can potentially explode.  

Guide your tools and loads precisely and with minimal effort and optimum safety in potentially explosive atmospheres with a spark proof spring tool balancer. 

ATEX Retractable Tool Balancers


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ATEX Zero Gravity Tool Balancers


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About ATEX Rated Spring Balancers

Spring balancers are commonly utilised for handling power tools that are used the same way repetitively. They are also used for holding loads for maintenance perhaps or for guiding components into place like on production lines.

However sometimes the nature of the task can be somewhat hazardous due to specific substances that are used in the same area as the tool balancer. If the environment has the potential to cause an explosion of any kind due to the sparking of an ignition source then you will need to use ATEX rated equipment.

ATEX Tool Balancers

ATEX tool balancers can be utilised in this type of environment due to the special components that unlike the standard balancers will not cause the spark to cause the ignition of dangerous substances whether gasses, vapours or dust type particles.

There are 2 types of spring balancers available from Lifting Gear Direct; The first is the retractable tool balancer which return the attached tool to the original position when released. There are 4 models and 2 stroke lengths to choose from.

Secondly there is the Zero gravity spring balancer which will hold the tool in any set position within the stroke length until manually moved. There are 6 capacity options for this range which all have a 2000mm stroke length.

All these tool balancers incorporate aluminium housing, anti-friction cable guides, stainless steel cable ending in a polyamide thimble. All of which add to the spark proof nature in accordance with the ATEX directive.

Explore each product type above where you will find all the specific technical details and exact ATEX category ratings for each model.

Additional ATEX Rated Products

There are a number of other types of atex rated products available from Lifting Gear Direct. You will find ATEX lifting hoists and ATEX beam trolleys along with a range of atex equipment for height safety procedures. If you need a little help with your choice, don't hesitate to call the team on 01384 76961.


What is an Atex spring balancer?

An Atex rated spring balancer can be used in areas where there is the potential for an explosion due to hazardous substances being present in the working area. This is thanks to all standard moving parts being exchanged for spark proof materials. The spring balancer enables repetitive tool handling in hazardous environments.

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