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Eye Bolts

What is an Eye Bolt?

Eye Bolts / Eyebolts are a critical piece of lifting equipment for safe handling and moving by securing the "eye" to a load so a sling or lifting equipment can be attached. There are different types of eye bolts that have different load limits.

The eye bolt or lifting eye is available in a variety of sizes and shapes from Lifting Gear Direct to accommodate very specific needs; some eyebolts will have round heads while others can be oval, there are also models with reevable links. Threading on the shank can be different between designs (metric or BSW Whitworth threads usually available) and come in a range of lengths including the much lengthier long shank eye bolts. The lifting eye bolt can be galvanised for hostile or outdoor environments allowing complete flexibility. Collared eye bolt types are probably the most popular in our range, though we also supply dynamo eye boltstainless steel eye boltseye nut & bow nut varieties and also a range of specialist eye bolts

Bow Nuts - High Tensile - Whitworth


Vital Statistics of the Bow nut high tensile - whitworth thread Although the Wh..

Bow Nuts High Tensile - Metric Thread Bow Nuts High Tensile - Metric Thread

Bow Nuts High Tensile - Metric Thread


 We can supply eye nuts and bow nuts of many different types, so if you rea..

Carbon Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Din582 Carbon Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Din582

Carbon Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Din582


 With capacities of between 70kg and 8600kg, these useful eye bolts can act..

Collared Eye Bolt  Metric thread Collared Eye Bolt  Metric thread

Collared Eye Bolt Metric thread


Part of our expansive array of collared eyebolts, these metric thread models are..

Collared Eye Bolt UNC Thread Collared Eye Bolt UNC Thread

Collared Eye Bolt UNC Thread


 They fall within the wider Unified Thread Standard and are defined as coar..

Collared Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread Collared Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread

Collared Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread


The name harks back almost two centuries to a time when this particular imperial..

Collared Eye Bolt with Oval Link - Metric Thread Collared Eye Bolt with Oval Link - Metric Thread

Collared Eye Bolt with Oval Link - Metric Thread


 With metric thread on the shank, this eye bolt is broadly compatible and u..

Collared Eye Bolt with Reevable Egg Link - Metric Collared Eye Bolt with Reevable Egg Link - Metric

Collared Eye Bolt with Reevable Egg Link - Metric


 The link lets angular loads exert force on the bolt with minimal hassle. W..

Collared Reevable Egg Link Eye Bolt - BSW Whitworth Thread Collared Reevable Egg Link Eye Bolt - BSW Whitworth Thread

Collared Reevable Egg Link Eye Bolt - BSW Whitworth Thread


 The result is that the already impressive angular load-handling potential ..

Dynamo Eye Bolt Metric Thread Dynamo Eye Bolt Metric Thread

Dynamo Eye Bolt Metric Thread


 They have also been designed to fit in with a number of international stan..

Dynamo Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread


They can be useful for a huge number of load-bearing purposes. We can supply the..

Gate Eye Bolts


 You can choose various units which encompass different dimensions and perf..

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Eye Bolts

Eye Bolt Basics

Using an eye bolt for anchoring & suspension points. Lifting eye bolt, Collared eye bolt, dynamo eye bolt, eye nuts & bow nuts are key products in this genre, with stainless steel eye bolts also available. We all know how important it is to provide suitable suspensions points to ensure a safe and smooth lifting procedure. Eye bolts are some of the most critical pieces of lifting equipment that will allow the safe handling, manipulation and transport of countless items. Particularly suited for objects which are too heavy to be lifted by personnel and that may be too bulky to be handled by a forklift, eye bolts enable even the most sensitive of items to be correctly moved. We can also provide a wide range of other types of lifting accessories & loose tackle.

Choosing a Lifting Eye Bolt 

There are many points to consider when choosing an eye bolt, here we discuss a few key points. Ideally the suspension should be chosen in such a way that every sling system (hook assembly, ring assembly, wire rope slings and round slings) can be used without necessitating additional manipulations which are time consuming and insecure, frequently heavy plates are used which have not been intended for inclined loads, or hooks with a small width cannot be attached. Swivel eye bolts are ideal for lifting loads from a variety of angles. Standard eye bolts are ideal for straighter lifts.

Non-rated lifting points mean a high safety risk, they must have an identified “working load limit” manufacturers identification markings and must meet all lifting requirement standards.

Eye Bolts From Lifting Gear Direct

Eye bolts can be utilized with much of our lifting gear range. We are able to supply a vast range of eye bolts which have different features to suit a wide array of tasks. Long shank eye bolts, dynamo eye bolts and collared eye bolts are all popular eye bolts.  Most of our eye bolts can be purchased in metric or BSW Witworth sizes ranging up to the M27 eye bolt, so whatever your requirements, we can provide a product to match. Some of our eye bolts with special features include oval or egg shaped reevable links, to aid in more angular lifting scenarios. Additionally we supply eye & bow nuts, which screw onto an existing bolt.

Manufactured from quality steel you can be assured of hardwearing, durable eye bolts that are robust  enough for arduous lifting tasks. They are normally self-coloured, but electro-galvanization or hot dipped galvanised may be an option. Certification is issued with every eye bolt,  and if required an EC declaration of conformity..

Contacting us

At Lifting Gear Direct our eye bolts are always supplied at highly competitive prices, to ensure value for money every time. We can supply the top branded eye bolts or our standard range – equally up to the task. If you need some extra information or need advice on the best eye bolt for your application, then simply pick up the phone and dial 01384 76961 to speak to one of our sales team. Alternatively you may use the rapid enquiry form from the flashing red icon on each page, or else go to the contact us page for all our details.

Safe use of EyeBolts

When using any type of eyebolt there are some basic procedures which must always be followed, they should always be inspected prior to use to make sure that; all markings are readable; they are free from cracks, corrosion and gouges etc; the thread is undamaged; and they are screwed in tightly, and seated correctly; eyebolts which swivel should do so smoothly.  Always check installation points are suitable. Single points should always be directly in line with the centre of gravity, multiple anchor points should be arranged evenly / symmetrically about the centre of gravity and each point must be in the same lifting plane.

If bolted (not welded) eyebolts are to be used where shock loading, twisting or vibrations may occur then it is possible and recommended to further secure the bolts by the use of  an appropriate securing adhesive or use crown nuts with a key or counter nut etc. You should never cut, grind, or machine eyebolts, nor should they be heat treated.

It is required that eyebolts are inspected and tested at regular intervals, usually six monthly, this is because these products could be affected by wear, misuse and overloading etc. This should be done even more frequently if the eyebolts are used in severe operating conditions.

In conclusion, it is imperative to always follow manufacturers usage and inspection instructions, failure to do so could have serious consequences.

 We also have an extensive range of swivel eye bolts which you can find here.  

Special eye bolts explained

As well as providing a plethora of general purpose eye bolts, Lifting Gear Direct is also a major stockist of products in this category with a far more specific purpose in mind. 

Our special eye bolt line up includes gate eye bolts, which come bundled with two nuts to provide a degree of adjustment that you might not get with other examples. This allows you to control precisely how any attachment you choose to add to this anchor point is positioned, as well as easily add or remove accessories as you progress. 

Also available are grade 8 eye bolts which are produced using a hard wearing alloy and can handle anywhere from 200kg to 36 tonnes without exceeding the WLL. Each of these eye bolts is finished with a red paint job which not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also provides an extra layer of protection, meaning that wear and tear will not take its toll too quickly even during rigorous use. 

Perks of a stainless steel eye bolt

If you need eye bolts that will work well in outdoor scenarios and provide protection against corrosion, our stainless steel eye bolt products will fit the bill. 

There are several different options in this family of anti-rust stainless steel eye bolt accessories, including drop forged and cast eye bolts and nuts. You can even get a long shank edition if this suits your needs. Be sure to check to see whether the product you pick is tested or untested, as this will determine whether or not it has an officially rated load limit, or whether it is sold without any kind of assurance and is thus unsuited to lifting. 

Choosing dynamo eye bolts

As with many of our other products in this category, you can take your pick of dynamo eye bolts with different thread types, load limits and shank lengths. 

Metric thread and Whitworth thread options are offered, with the former being more commonly chosen because of its popularity in various applications. We also have green pin dynamo eye bolts which are especially tough and hard wearing, with capacities of up to 16 tonnes on offer. 

Examine our eye nuts

Broaden your search of our eye bolt category and you will encounter eye nuts and bow nuts, allowing for even more flexibility in terms of the lifting assembly or anchor point setup you want to create. 

Eye nuts serve the same purpose as eye bolts, but bow nuts make sense in applications where the tension will be applied to the anchor point from a single, predetermined direction. Made with stainless steel, high tensile steel and other effective materials, there are also multiple thread options and size niches that are fulfilled by this range. 

Get in touch with LGD

We have already referred to our contact details above but if you need a reminder, you can always call our sales team on 01384 76961 or email our experts with whatever eye bolt query you might have. We are here to help with any issue and can also provide quick quotes for the products and services you want to secure.

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