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Wire rope fittings

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Wire Rope Fittings

Buy quality fittings for wire ropes from Lifting Gear Direct UK

Fittings and end terminations are nearly always used with wire ropes as they offer a form of anchoring system. There are numerous types of fittings available from sockets and thimbles to turnbuckles and rigging screws. Lifting Gear Direct has a number of options available if you are looking for a wire rope assembly.

Wire Rope Fittings


We can supply and/or fit thimbles, sockets, rigging screws and turnbuckles, term..

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Wire Rope Fittings

Types of Wire Rope Fittings

Choosing the correct fitting can enable you to make use of a wire rope in the way that you want, in other words a fitting makes the rope more usable.

For example fitting a thimble into a soft eye will make a wire rope more durable. It will make it stronger and protect the wires from abrasion damage. Whilst also offering a more solid loop as an anchor point.

Sockets also create an anchor point, however these are fitted to the very tip of the wire rope. Turnbuckles and rigging screws also fit to the end of a rope and enable ropes to be tensioned to your requirements. These are great when creating barriers.

Ferrules, studs, hooks and eye plates are just some of the other fittings we can supply to compliment your wire ropes.

Ropes, Fittings and Assemblies

Lifting Gear Direct can create your perfect wire rope assembly, whatever you may be using it for. So whether you want to use wire rope in your garden, workshop or business we can help.

Lifting Gear Direct have their own wire rope workshops and experienced riggers, which allow us to permanently press fittings of your choice to the rope. Of course we are also happy to supply just the fittings or just the wire rope, the choice is yours.

Our range of wire rope includes an array of constructions and diameters so there should be something right up your street. We also have an extensive range or wire rope grips and shackles which you may find useful for extra connection points.


What are wire rope fittings

Wire rope fittings are a collection of components that can be fitted onto wire rope so that they can be connected to other equipment and/or tensioned.

What are the different types of wire rope fittings?

The main types of wire rope fittings include turnbuckles and rigging screws for tensioning the rope, sockets and terminals to provide end attachment points and thimbles to create a robust eye at the ends foe easy fitting to other equipment.

Why are wire rope fittings used?

 Wire rope fittings are used together with steel wire rope to make up an assembly suitable for specific tasks.

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