Wire rope fittings

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Wire Rope Fittings

Wire Rope Fittings

We have a great collection of fittings available to suit a wide range of wire ropes, this means you can fully customise your ropes to suit your needs.

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We can supply and/or fit thimbles, sockets, rigging screws and turnbuckles, terminals and many other accessories and fittings all in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Get in touch with your requirements and we will supply all the items you need.

Our own pressing facilities enables us to terminate your wire rope with any end fitting, quickly and safely.

                                                                                                   Wire Rope Terminals

 Terminal fittings create an anchor between the wire rope and awire rope fittings

secure fixing point.

Available in stainless steel from 3mm up to 10mm and mild steel from 3mm up to 20mm.

Both eye and fork ends are available as well as some threaded



                     Turnbuckles & Rigging screws

Both turnbuckles and rigging screws are used in rigging and tensioning applications.

Designed for straight, in-line use; ideal for tensioning wires.

Available in many sizes and end fittings, such as an eye at one

end & a hook at the other, all in

mild or stainless steel.  




Sockets are deemed the strongest of all wire rope end terminations; there are a few types of sockets available, open wedge, closed spelter, & open or closed swage sockets. Used primarily for terminating the end of the rope to enable connection to a fixed anchor point.

Commonly used in roof construction, towing cables, anchor cables on oil platforms, bridge suspension and more. 




A thimble is a device which adds strength, support and structure o a soft eye splice at the ends of wire rope giving you an easy anchor point to attach your wire rope to another fitting.

Available as open, ordinary thimbles and solid thimbles and in a

wide range of sizes from 4mm up

to 50mm in mild steel and 2mm up to 24mm in stainless steel.



Other Fittings & Accessories

We can also supply and fit many other types of fittings and

accessories to compliment your wire

ropes, such as cone head stops, cross, net clips, 55 degree angled washers, rope grips and eye plates as

well as shackles and eye bolts which you can find on their relevant pages on the website.