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Steel wire rope

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Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

We can supply a wide range of steel wire rope in various constructions to suit a wide range of applications. 

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Unlike stainless steel wire rope this standard variety is galvanised for better resistance to the elements it is subjected to, though not quite as good as stainless steel.

About Our Galvanised Steel Wire Rope Range

We have our own workshops with pressing and testing facilities where our team can make up a wire rope  to suit your application with a vast range of fittings available. We can also supply PVC coated wire rope in any colour.

All our ropes and fittings are fully certified and tested and orders are usually completes quickly and efficiently.

Our wire ropes are commonly used within the lifting gear industry on cranes, winches and hoists but may be utilised in many different types of operations and industries such as haulage trailer ropes, fishing, sewage, construction, general engineering, architecture, marine and many more.

We offer a range of rope constructions to suit a variety of applications, these include 6x36 with a fibre or wire rope core; a 6x19 fibre core, 7x19 steel core and a 19x7 non rotating variety. They all come in a range of diameters and can be supplied in any length you need. You can find out more details in the specifications tab.

End fittings of your choice

The team at Lifting Gear Direct can fit end terminals to your wire rope to make them into custom assemblies to better suit your needs. Simply get in touch with us by phone on 01384 76961 or by email via the contact form. Ropes can usually be ready within a day or two, often the same day, with deliver or collection options available.

wire rope construction

different wire ropes

 This Wire rope has a 6x36 construction with a fibre core for good flexibility. Available in diameters

from 8mm up to 44mm.

The Equal lay construction provides excellent breaking load properties and is widely used

for crane ropes, winch ropes, hoist ropes, mooring ropes and wire rope slings. 



This wire rope has a 6x36 equal lay construction but has an independant wire rope core

giving a superior breaking load and flexibility. With diameters from 8mm up to 76mm available this

rope is suitable for many applications such as; rigging, pursing wires, mooring ropes, towing, cranes,

winches and hoist ropes and also wire rope slinging applications. 


This wire rope has a 6x16 construction with a fibre core and is readily available in diameters from

3mm up to 24mm.

Offering good flexibility, especially the smaller 3-6mm diameter ropes.

Commonly utilised for gym equipment, garage door and control cables as well as wind turbines, wire

rope slings and winch ropes.


This wire rope has a 7x19 construction with a steel core and is available in diameters from 3mm up

to 12mm with the smaller 3-6mm giving the most flexibility.

This rope comes in theatre black and is often used in general engineering as well as whip checks,

winch ropes, wind turbines, garage door cables, gym equipment, control cables and slinging applications.


This wire rope has a 19x7 construction and is non-rotating.

Available in a range of diameters from 4mm up to 52mm.

Suitable for use as crane rope, main hoisting cables, deck rope, off-shore applications, pillar crane

rope and whip rope.