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Open Top Lifting Bags

Why Buy Open Top Lifting Bags?

 There are numerous designs of heavy duty lifting bags available at Lifting Gear Direct, here we look at the open top lifting bag variety.

Lifting bags with an open top enable quick loading and easy access to its contents. They come in two types, round and Square, both with a fully certified lifting sling in place. The lifting sling is not sewn into the walls of the bag, instead they are passed through a specially stitched channel. Not only does this sling channel keep it in the perfect position for load stability, it also allows the sling to be passed through to facilitate easy inspection and possible replacement.

Open Top Lifting Bag OTLB


Details of the OTLB Open Top Lifting BagThese industrial lifting bags are made f..

Pafbag Round Open Top Lifting Bags


About Round Open Top Lifting Bags Round lifting bags are ideal for lifting smal..

Pafbag Square Open Top Lifting Bags


About Square Open Top Lifting Bags The sturdy construction of these square an..

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Round Open Top Lifting Bags

round open top lifting bags

Round open top lifting bags have the advantage of having no corners and are therefore ideal for passing through tight spaces or lifting against the side of a structure. These heavy duty round lifting bags also boast the option of an additional rigid plastic liner which will alleviate potential damage to both bag and load which can be caused by sharp objects within the load.

Our collection of round lifting bags come in 5 load volumes; 35l, 99l, 117l, 147l & 385 litre. They also have a stated safe working load limit which must not be exceeded. They all have a SWL of 300kg apart from the largest 385litre bag which has a 500kg SWL.

Square Open Top Lifting Bags

square open top lifting bags

The range of square lifting bags with an open top also includes rectangular lifting bags. Two opposite walls of these heavy duty lifting bags incorporate a double skin. This not only provides additional strength but provides access to the 2 rigid wall stiffeners which are 3mm thick and extend the full length. These wall stiffeners can be removed which makes storing the bag easier and with a more compact size.

It is also possible to add extra stiffeners to the other 2 sides to make the bag fully rigid, ideal for extra protection against sharp items.

There are 8 models in this category with holding capacities ranging from 75 litres to 320 litres.

Other Lifting Bags

Check out the full range of our heavy duty lifting bags where you will find a wide variety of bags suitable for differing purposes, Tube or scaffolding lifting bags, closed top bags, lifting cradles, box bags, gas cylinder bags and more. Don't forget Lifting Gear Direct can supply all you lifting equipment including hoists, slings and loose tackle to compliment your lifting bag should you need them.

Please get in touch if you need a quote, wish to place an order of items not able to be purchased directly online or would like some advice.


What is an open top lifting bag?

An open top lifting bag is a robust lifting system, ideal for lifting loose loads. They come in round or square shapes and heve an open top for easier loading and unloading.

What capacity can an open top lifting bag hold?

Round lifting bags have a top holding volume of 385 litres of with a safe working load of 500kg. The square variety has a top volume of 320 litres with a SWL of 300kg. These are the maximum sizes available however there are many other smaller sizes to choose from.

How are open top lifting bags lifted?

Open top lifting bags incorporate a strong sling system which wraps completely around the bag for optimum strength and stability. The sling forms two top handles which can be attached to a lifting hoist for example as you would with a normal lifting sling.

How do I keep together and lift scaffold fittings?

One easy method is to use a scaffold fitting lifting bag/tub. These are semi rigid tubs with an integrated sling system so they will keep all your fittings in one place whilst enabling you to lift and transport them in one go.

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