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Need a floor crane for your garage or workshop? Look no further, Lifting Gear Direct has a choice of floor cranes to aid in lifting engines. They are typically referred to as an engine hoist for this reason. Other items can be lifted and are commonly used as a workshop crane. Find out more about floor cranes below.

Lifting Gear Direct stocks and supplies floor cranes made by some of the biggest brands around, covering a range of capacities and design benefits to help optimise lifting operations in a multitude of settings. Find out about what floor cranes can do for you right here.

Steerman EC Standard Folding Floor Crane


About the Steerman EC Standard Folding Floor Crane  Ideal for garage ..

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Why use an Engine crane?

Floor cranes, also known as engine cranes or workshop cranes are a useful addition to many workshops and factory settings, drastically reducing stress and strain caused by manually lifting heavy loads.

There are many risks associated with manual handling, so avoiding complacency and combating common complications with a floor crane is a sensible step. You still need to use this type of lifting equipment safely, of course, with further details provided below.

Workshop crane - easy manoeuvrability and compact design

Due to their easy manoeuvrability and compact design, floor cranes are commonly used in car garages for lifting out engines, and lifting heavy loads from pallets. The range of cranes we can offer have hydraulic lifting pumps for ease of lifting, and multi position arms and a range of lifting capacities from 500kg up to 2000kg. With heavy duty castors and folding designs, these floor cranes are easy to move, erect and store, taking up little space. You may also find these called engine hoist or an engine holder. They are best used with an Engine Stand, always check the weight you require when buying an engine crane so that your engine stand can handle it.

Safe use of an Engine Hoist

It is important when using a floor crane to follow the safe use instructions; you should always use them on solid and level ground whilst also keeping the load within the centre of gravity to keep the crane stable. They are not designed for moving under load, however to remove an engine for example, you can, but the jib and load must be in its lowest possible position, then moved and set down a.s.a.p.


Throughout our floor crane line up you will encounter products from companies including Ace, GT, Raptor and Pfaff.

You can check out the specifications and WLL's of each competing model on our site, comparing and contrasting to ensure that you choose the right brand and variety for your needs.

Alternatives to a Garage Hoist

A floor crane can offer plenty of lifting flexibility and versatility but there are other options to consider on the Lifting Gear Direct site.

Our own brand jib cranes, for example, can be a more permanent on-site solution for a variety of lifting duties. They are custom made and can be configured in whatever way you need, with the same level of adaptability offered by our gantry systems.

If you already have a lifting assembly in place and are looking for add-ons and accessories, we offer everything from hoists to shackles.

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Browse our full selection of floor cranes below. If you require any more information or advice please give our sales team a call. They can be reached on 01384 76961 or through our contact page where you will find a response form to fill out.


What is a floor crane?

 A floor crane, also known as an engine hoist or engine crane in a type of mini crane designed for lifting out car engines as well as lifting objects for maintenance work. They are mobile so can be moved around the workplace easily.

What loads can a floor crane lift?

A floor crane can lift loads of up to around 1000kg (model dependant), they can be used to lift a wide variety of loads other than an engine although car garages are probably the most common places they are used for lifting and holding heavy car parts for repairs.

How does an engine crane work?

Hydraulics are used on an engine hoist to aid the lifting process. The base/legs can be positioned under the load and the cantilevered arm is adjusted to sit directly over the load, the hook is used to attach the load, usually with a sling, then the hydraulic pump is operated to lift the load.

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