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Steerman ec standard folding floor crane

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Steerman EC Standard Folding Floor Crane

Steerman EC Standard Folding Floor Crane

The Steerman EC standard floor crane can be quickly folded for easier transportation and/or storage.

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About the Steerman EC Standard Folding Floor Crane

 Ideal for garage and small workshop use these floor cranes or engine lifters are essential for lifting out and replacing engines into a vehicle.

This floor crane is of a welded construction with reinforced tubular steel.

Featuring  special long hydraulic rams with a built-in by-pass device.

Available in lifting capacities from 600kg up to 1000kg, with 5 boom positions and various hook heights depending on the model. 

The maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg can be reached using the first boom position, in position 2 the capacity reduces to 900kg, position 3 to 800kg, position 4 to 700kg and position 5 to 600kg. Hook heights will vary at each position, see full specifications for more details.

As you can see this floor crane offers a good variety of lifting positions and is easily operated using the hydraulic system.

Other Engine Hoists

There are a number of other floor cranes and engine hoists / lifters available at Lifting Gear Direct including models from Pfaff, GT and Raptor. Other supplementary lifting equipment you may require such as lifting slings and shackles are also readily available to complete your order if you need them.

Get in touch with your requirements and our team will be happy to help with your requests.

Model Boom position Capacity (KG) Min hook height (mm) Max hook height (mm) Boom length (mm) Weight (KG) 
CR-1000 P1 1000 439 1978 620 110
P2 900 341 2021 720
P3 800 243 2075 820
P4 700 145 2131 920
P5 600 0 2170 1020