Standard engine hoist

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 Standard Engine Hoist Raptor SC

Standard Engine Hoist Raptor SC

This 3 position engine hoist / engine crane can handle up to 2000kg loads; buy today from lifting Gear Direct at very competitive prices. Other workshop cranes available.
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About the Raptor SC Engine Hoist 

Offering portability, lifting power and excellent build quality, the SC floor crane from Raptor is an excellent choice for taking on a variety of lifting operations. It can be set up quickly, folded away with ease and will generally optimise any task you choose to tackle. 

Impressive abilities

This foldable floor crane has 3 lifting positions and comes in 500kg, 1000kg & 2000kg versions. 

Incorporating a chrome plated lifting & pump piston and a relief valve for overload protection, you can trust that the Raptor SC will work seamlessly and avoid suffering wear and tear through improper use. 

The forged heavy duty swivel hook enables easy attachment of lifting slings etc. This should further improve the efficiency of whatever job is on the schedule. 

There is also a 360 degree swivel handle for ease of use. A low learning curve for operators such as is offered by the Raptor SC will definitely benefit many businesses. 

Safe use considerations

Floor cranes should always be used on solid, level ground. While a good degree of stability is provided by the design of the crane itself, it is always sensible to follow safe lifting guidelines in order to lower risks. 

Another key factor impacting the safety of this crane is of course the weight of the load you are lifting with it. Always stick within the limits and choose the crane that will accommodate your needs most regularly. 

Other floor cranes and lifting gear

As a customer of Lifting Gear Direct you will be able to tap into a huge catalogue of floor cranes and other products which can cope with almost any kind of lifting operation. 

Our lifting equipment range include custom made crane and gantry systems which can be portable or fixed position in nature, as well as all the accessories and extras you might need to go along with them. 

It is also well worth discovering our material handling line up, which features load moving equipment like pallet trucks as well as drum handling gear, amongst other options. 

How to ask questions & order

You can make sure that you get the right floor crane, or find out about any product or service we supply, by emailing the LGD team or giving them a call on 01384 76961.



Model Capacity (KG) Lifting height min Lifting height max Weight (KG) 
SC500 500 1960mm 2120mm 75
SC1000 1000 2330mm 2445mm 115
SC2000 2000 2505mm 2705mm 165


These floor cranes must be used on solid ground that is sound and even; you should always ensure that the load remains in the centre of gravity to maintain good stability.

Floor cranes are not designed to be moved whilst under load, however if a load such as an engine needs to be removed you may cautiously lower the load & jib extension to the lowest position prior to moving a short distance.

NOT to be used to hold a load indefinitely.