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Pallet Stackers

What are the different types of Pallet Stackers?

Pallet stackers or stacker trucks can be found in various forms. Manual, semi-electric and full electric can easily be found for sale online. Manual stackers can be winch wound or hydraulic powered and are the cheapest option and use manually operated hydraulic power to lift the palleted loads. Semi electric models use electric power to lift the load but not move the truck. A full electric pallet stacker both lifts and moves using electric power, these are the most expensive. 

Lifting Gear Direct can supply manual stacker trucks and electric pallet stackers to suit a range of applications.

Manual Stacker Truck EFS Series


About the EFS Manual Stacker Truck Constructed from quality steel precision e..

Winch Stacker Trucks – WS Series


About the Winch Stacker Trucks WS Series The WS series winch stacker trucks u..

Hydraulic Stacker Truck PA Series


About the PA Series of Hydraulic Stacker Trucks Unlike the WS winch pallet st..

SFH Manual Pallet Stacker – Fixed Leg


About the SFH Manual Pallet Stacker with fixed legs The robust construction w..

Straddle Pallet Stacker Trucks - Adjustable Legs SFH


About the Straddle Pallet Stacker Trucks SFH SeriesThe SFH pallet stackers com..

Hydraulic Pallet Stacker – LTH400


LTH400 Hydraulic Pallet Stacker Features Being a compact unit measuring 1410m..

Pallet Puller – PU Series


What is a Pallet Puller?A pallet puller is a type of clamp designed to grip a..

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What are Pallet Stacker Trucks and where are they used?

Pallet stacker trucks are best thought of as a piece of lifting equipment somewhere between a forklift truck and a pallet truck. They are designed with palletized loads in mind and enable easy transportation and lifting the load to heights that a standard pallet truck can't. They take up minimal space, unlike a forklift truck and are very much the cheaper option for both purchase and maintenance.

Pallet stacker trucks are typically used in warehouses and distribution centres but can be utilised in many areas where loading vehicles, or stacking and storing palleted objects are frequent occurrences.

How do Stacker Trucks Work?

Manual pallet stackers are moved around manually by pushing or pulling the truck as well as lifting the load manually although with the help of gears and chain or hydraulics, depending on the type chosen.

If the winch pallet stacker type is chosen the forks together with the load are simply wound up. The winding handle connects to a winch and by manually turning the handle the winch will turn the gears to pull through the chain which in turn will raise the forks and the load.

With the hydraulic type, the handle is pumped to increase the hydraulic pressure and consequently raise the load. These stacker trucks are moved around manually.

Semi-electric pallet stacker trucks use electric power to raise the forks and load but are pulled around manually for transportation.

All electric Stacker trucks use electric power for both raising the load and for moving the truck and load around the workplace.

The electric types have rechargeable batteries.

Pallet Stacker Trucks Available

Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a wide range of stacker trucks from the load moving equipment category. The majority being of the manual type where you will find a selection of both the winch type and the hydraulic type. We also have and all electric stacker truck should you require an easier to use option with minimal manual effort.

The pallet stacker trucks come in a range of lifting heights and safe working loads so browse the collection to find your perfect pallet stacker .

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