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Furniture Movers

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Lifting Gear Direct can supply two types of furniture movers, a mechanical furniture moving kit and a hydraulic furniture moving kit. Both types enable furniture and appliances to be moved without back breaking effort. This type of equipment is commonly used by professional furniture removers and warehouse staff but can be used in many areas, so if you are having a move around that involves heavy furniture and cabinets then a furniture moving kit will make it quicker, easier and less stressful.

Manual Furniture Mover FM60


About the Manual Furniture Mover As the name suggests this furniture lifter i..

Hydraulic Furniture Mover FM180


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Moving heavy furniture or appliances can be a difficult and strenuous task however if you use the right equipment you can move furniture easily. Using a set of furniture movers enables you to gently lift the furniture off the ground and transport it to wherever you would like to re-position it. They make the ideal sofa movers and heavy furniture lifter. What's more it can often be done by one person, although for larger, tall and potentially unbalanced items we would recommend two. Lifting furniture has never been so easy.

What are Furniture Movers?

Furniture movers are a set of two sack truck like devices which fit under each end of the item to be moved. They are connected together via straps so that you can push the furniture around from one end and the other end will follow suit. They also take up a relatively small space so are easy to store.

How do Furniture Movers Work?

Furniture lifters are the ideal furniture move tool and come as a set of two trolleys on wheels, a little like a sack truck. Each trolley incorporates a lower platform which slides under the furniture. Higher up the trolley there are support bars to help to position and stabilise the load. Due to the fact that expensive items are often moved with these furniture movers these parts that come into contact with the item and coated with various protective coverings to help to prevent damage to the furniture.

Once the trucks are positioned at each end of the item to be moved and slotted underneath the incorporated straps can be wrapped around the furniture and connected to the ratchet connector on the opposite truck, these must be pulled tightly. There is a strap and securing buckle connection on each truck. The two trucks should now be connected together securely.

The load now needs to be lifted off the ground prior to moving. This operation differs between the mechanical models and the hydraulic models. With the simpler, mechanical furniture movers there is a wind up crank which when turned will raise the platform and therefore the load. With the hydraulic version the jack can be pumped to raise the load.

When raising the load it must be dome in small amounts at a time on both ends to keep the load stable. Raise it by no more than 1cm in the first instance and then check the load is still secure and the lashings tight, make adjustments if necessary. Finally raise the load a little more at each end with the maximum recommended 2 cm in mind. Now you can slowly push the load to where you want it, avoiding sudden movements, turns and jerks.

Never leave a load unattended on furniture movers.

Find out more about the mechanical and hydraulic movers on their respective model pages above.

Other load moving solutions

If our collection of furniture movers are not quite right for you, perhaps they are too large! Take a look at our range of load moving skates, these can also be used to move furniture but are much smaller.

Pallet trucks may be another option to consider, these are great for moving smaller items around.

Whatever your load moving needs, Lifting Gear Direct has got you covered, call us on 01384 76961 for help or advice.


Why use a furniture mover?

When you need to move large and/or heavy furniture it usually required at least two people and even then it can be extremely difficult, not to mention physically exhausting with much risk of injury to both the person and the furniture. A furniture mover kit makes light work of the task, simply position the trolleys at each end of the item and strap them together. The load can now be lifted off the ground for moving. This can be done by a manual winding mechanism or a hydraulic pump system depending on the type you have.

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