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Drum Rotators

Types of Drum Rotators Available from Leading UK Supplier

Lifting Gear Direct have different types of devices to facilitate drum rotating including a range of trucks and trolleys as well as fork lift truck mounted drum rotators, from a range of manufacturers.  Drum rotating trolleys, crane slung rotators and drum rotator fork lift attachments are all available to purchase from our vast selection.

Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment DLFT/P


About the DLFT/P Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment There are 2 models in this ..

Forklift Drum Turner DLT/DLTC


About the Forklift Drum Turner DLT There are two model variations in this ran..

Manual Drum Rotator Trolley DTLC45


About the Manual Drum Rotator Trolley DTLC45 This simple yet very effective d..

Hydraulic Drum Rotator Trolley DTR400A


About the Hydraulic Drum Rotator Trolley DTR400A The DTR400A hydraulic drum r..

Hydraulic Drum Stacker and Rotator Raptor DA40B


Using the hydraulic drum stacker DA40B Once a drum is securely fitted to the DA..

Drum Emptying Truck Raptor HD80A


Key Features of the Drum Emptying Truck HD80A There are two fixed wheels at the..

Fork Lift Drum Rotator Raptor HK285a


More about the HK285A Fork Lift Drum Carrier & Rotator Making use of y..

Forklift Drum Rotator Contact DTR-DS 1&2


About the DTR 1&2 Drum Rotator Lifting, rotating and emptying drums has nev..

Fork or Crane Drum Tipper - Contact DTRU 3&4


About the DTRU Fork or Crane Drum Tipper One of the main benefits to the D..

Forklift Drum Rotator Contact SDR DS


Easily mountable to a fork lift truck this is a versatile and efficient piece of..

Fork or Crane Mounted Drum Rotater Contact DTR DS 3&4


About the DTR 3&4 fork or crane mounted Drum Rotator Steel and plastic..

Heavy Duty Fork/Crane Mounted Drum Rotator Contact DTR-3&4-1000


About the Heavy Duty Drum Rotator The DTR 3 & 4 - 1000 series are heavy dut..

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What is a Drum Rotator?

Drum rotators are pieces of lifting equipment which enable steel drums, barrels and poly drums to be tilted and rotated, usually in order to empty them. We have different types of devices to facilitate drum rotating including a range of trucks and trolleys as well as fork lift truck mounted drum rotators, from a range of manufacturers.

Drum Trucks & Trolleys

Drum rotator trucks / trolleys help you to handle drums and barrels in two ways. Firstly, once the drum is attached and raised off the floor it can be tilted and rotated through a range of degrees (models vary) to suit your needs. It can remain vertical if you need to fill it or tilted at a downwards angle if you would like to empty the contents. Sometimes you may just need a small amount of the contents, i.e. oil at a time. In this case with the right drum emptying fitting you may use it like a tap to dispense as little or as much as you need, whenever you need it. Without a special fitting the drum will need to be returned upright after each content dispense to prevent free drainage, but this is quick and easy to do.

The second way in which these rotator trucks handle drums is by moving them around the work place. These drum trucks incorporate wheels and/or castors of some kind, some will swivel and some have brakes. The wheels enable the truck, whether loaded or not to be easily pushed around to wherever you need it and therefore drums can be moved form one place to another with minimal effort.

Forklift Mounted Drum Rotators

If you own a forklift truck then there are a number of attachments available which enable drums to be lifted and rotated.

Some of these types of drum rotator incorporates fork sleeves to simply slide onto the forks of your truck and secured with screw clamps. Whilst others can be suspended from a hook, or under the forks on a forklift adapter attachment. Then you can drive you forklift up to the drum to attach, lift, move and rotate as you wish. Check out the all the models carefully as many will differ in how they fit and rotate the drum.

Forklift mounted drum rotators help to make more use of your truck which may otherwise be rarely used, whilst also enabling you to handle drums and barrels efficiently.

Choosing a Drum Rotator

There are a number of criteria to consider when considering a drum rotator including the type of drums to be handled and the way in which you want to handle it. Cost will be another factor to consider. The most basic drum rotator trolley will be a bit cheaper than a forklift mounted rotator and hydraulic rotating equipment could be considerably more. Consider the frequency you need to handle the drums, whether to just rotate, move around or both. Get quotes for each type of drum handling equipment that would suit you. It may help with your choice but remember the cheapest is not always the most cost effective in the longer term.


Why use a drum rotator

If you need to empty steel drums, turn them for horizontal stacking or loading or even fully rotate them for mixing the contents it would be very difficult to do manually. A drum rotator speeds up the process whilst removing most physical effort required.

Do I need other equipment to use a drum rotator?

That depends on the drum rotator chosen. There are a number of drum rotator trolleys and drum stackers which require no additional equipment. However some rotators in our range will require a forklift truck. Or crane and hoist system.

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