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Drum Lifting Equipment

As part of our drum handling solutions we can offer an extensive range of drum lifting equipment to suit the most commonly used drum types; steel, plastic or mauser/egg shaped, with some products being able to handle the hard rimmed fibre type of drum. There are a range of drum lifter models to choose from which handle the drums in various ways, horizontally or vertically. They come in the form of grabs, tongs and slings. Forklift mountable drum lifting solutions are also available from Lifting Gear Direct.

Vertical Drum Lifting Clamps – DLCL Series


About the Vertical Drum Lifting Clamps The DLCL series of drum lifting cla..

Drum Lifting Sling DLC


About the Drum Lifting Sling DLC Here we have a drum lifting sling or chain d..

Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs DLS500


About the Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs DLS500 Lifting steel drums when in a ..

Vertical Drum Lifter – DLS360


About the Vertical Drum Lifter – DLS360 Lifting a steel drum vertically does ..

DLSV Drum Lifters – Vertical


About the DLSV Drum Lifters These vertical drum lifters from the DLSV range a..

Drum Lifting Clamp DLG500


About the Drum Lifting Clamp DLG500 Constructed from heavy duty steel and fin..

 Polyester Drum Sling Raptor DP500  Polyester Drum Sling Raptor DP500

Polyester Drum Sling Raptor DP500


About the  Polyester Drum Sling Raptor DP500This practical sling can h..

2 Leg Universal Drum Lifter Raptor DL500


About the 2 Leg Universal Drum Lifter The DL500 is a universal drum handle..

Adjustable Drum Lifter Raptor DL360SP


Using the DL360SP Adjustable Drum Lifter The DL360sp drum lifter can be ad..

Heavy Duty Drum Lifter Raptor HD DL500A


More on the Heavy Duty Drum Tongs DL500A From our vast range of drum lifting eq..

Raptor DL360 Steel Drum Lifter


About the Raptor DL360 Steel Drum Lifter  The DL360 is a drum lifter,..

Manual Horizontal Drum Tongs Raptor DM500


More on the Manual Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs DM500 210 litre open or t..

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Drum Lifting Equipment Considerations

Our drum lifting equipment products all have below hook suspension making them usable for crane mounting and hoist mounting or most hook suspensions. There are also a few products that can be mounted on a fork lift truck, as well as suspended from a crane or hoist hook.

 The type of lifting equipment you choose will be based on a number of factors; firstly the type of drum needs to be distinguished as some drum lifters can only handle 1 specific type, some can handle different varieties. Steel drums and plastic drums are the most commonly used types but there are also the Mauser/egg shaped drum and fibre drums to consider. The size of the drum must also be considered as well as its weight when full as different products have different safe working loads and size restrictions. Another point to think about is the way you want to lift the drum as some drum lifters will lift the drum by the rim/lip, whilst others lift by clamping around the body, both of these types have models for vertical or horizontal lifting; some more specialist types can rotate the drum such as the Contact DTR, DTR-DS or DTRU drum lifters, these have both hook suspension or can be fitted to a fork lift truck for added versatility.

Types of Below Hook Suspended Drum Lifting Equipment

We have a large range of drum tongs & lifters which will enable you to lift all types of drums and barrels in a variety of ways.

All these below hook drum handlers are designed to be anchored to the hook on a crane or hoisting device which gives you the means for overhead drum lifting. The tongs and lifters can be secured to the drum, depending on which model you choose. This could be around the rim from the top in a vertical position with 2, 3 or 4 arm tongs or from the top & bottom rims in a horizontal position with a drum tongs like the DM500. Alternatively there is a universal lifter consisting of small rim grabs set on chain so the drum can be lifted in either orientation.

Some of the drum tongs and lifters are semi-automatic like the DTG, they work by locking into place via a lever when located on the drum and then released via unlocking the same lever; we can also supply fully automatic models.

The drum tongs work by applying pressure to the tong at the drum rim whilst being slowly lifted; lifting from the central point on the tongs the weight of the drum applies enough forge to securely clamp the drum.

Other Drum Handling Equipment

As well as this type drum lifting equipment we can also supply drum moving equipment to make moving the drums around quick and easy. Our drum moving range includes a variety of drum trolley and drum dollies which vary in the way they handle the drums. The majority will transport the drum in the upright position, some will tip them down at an angle like the drum stand DF10; we have some drum trucks which facilitate easy pallet loading and some which rotate the drum for emptying like the Raptor HD80A model.

Lifting Gear Direct also supply a great range of fork lift truck mountable drum handling equipment, this ensures you get the most out of your forklift whilst handling drums in a variety of ways much easier and safer.

Getting in touch for drum lifters

Once you have browsed our extensive range of drum handling equipment you can call or email us with your requirements. Advice is at hand if you are not sure on the best product for your needs or you can place an order straight away. All the contact information can be found on the contact us page, or you can use the request a quote button on the page of the item you wish to get a price on.

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