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Load Binders

Buy Chain Load Binders for heavy duty load securing

Load binders are perfect for securing larger loads to your lorry or truck. We can supply simple lever load binders as well as the ratchet load binder for heavier duty applications. Load binder chain and hook fittings are also available. Ratchet straps can provide a great alternative for load restraining and come in many sizes from mini ratchet straps to 5 ton ratchet straps. All available to purchase at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct.

Ratchet Load Binders


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Lever Load Binders


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Load Binders

Chain Ratchet load binder

Ratchet Load Binders are probably the easiest way to get your loads secured down tightly, the chain ratchet mechanism does all the hard work, all you need to do is crank the handle back and forth until the required tension is reached.

These varieties consist of gears and pawls and the handle is used to create the ratchet action to turn the gears and in turn tighten the chain. This action also ensures that there is not as much energy stored in the handle and so is less likely to recoil/whip back, unlike a lever binder. The ratchet mechanism also allows the chain to be tightened in finer increments.

Standard load binders

Lever load binders are attached the same way; however, they require much more strength, as force/leverage is needed to push back the lever in order to tension the chain. This is not only more physically demanding but can be more hazardous, as the lever stores kinetic energy and can recoil/snap back, unless you have a newer version with a locking pin to prevent this. Lever binders are usually easier to install and maintain due to the fact it has less moving parts.

See our how to use video for more. 

We can supply any size and length of chain as well as any type of fitting, though the hook with safety catch type are the best for use with our load binders, as the safety catch will stop the chain from slipping out/off whilst the chain is still slack.

More load restraint options

There are lots of different products in the broader category of load restraint equipment. Lifting Gear Direct can supply whatever you need to ensure loads of all shapes and sizes are safely secured when they are being transported or stored.

Ratchet lashings are a popular option, providing an adjustable strap with integrated anchor points which can be quickly and easily deployed without any complications. Straps of several different diameters and capacities are available to view on our site.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply rope for load restraint purposes as well. This is useful if you are eager to reduce the weight of your restraint solutions and also invest in a lashing material which can also be useful in other contexts.

The cam buckles we stock are an alternative to ratchet lashings, offering a buckle-based fastening mechanism that is similar in design to a belt. Capacities of up to 750kg can be offered by products in this range.

Accessories and extras

You may be choosing to order load binders and other restraint products in combination with a variety of equipment found here at Lifting Gear Direct.

To give you a flavour of what else we offer, check out our lifting accessories page and also check out the clamps we supply at competitive price points.

Get help when choosing load binders

We are happy to assist you when you are looking for lifting equipment and load restraint products. To ask us anything, send our experts an email or give us a call on 01384 76961.


What is a load binder?

A load binder is a device used together with steel chain to tie down and secure loads. They are typically used on flat bed trucks. They come in 2 types – lever load binders and ratchet load binders.

What is the difference between lever and ratchet load binders?

A lever load binder requires more physical strength as leverage is needed to tighten up the last inch or two of chain. A ratchet load binder on the other hand requires much less effort thanks to the ratchet mechanism doing the hard work. The ratchet variety are also safer to use. See how a ratchet load binder works in our video here.

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