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Forklift Extensions

Would you like longer or wider forks on your forklift truck?  

If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. 

Forklift attachments come in several types, including extensions to lengthen or widen the forks support.

These fork extensions which are widely compatible with common truck types and let you expand the abilities of an existing truck without having to upgrade to a larger model. There are many other types of forklift lifting attachment that are available at Lifting Gear Direct.

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Why Use Forklift Extensions

From time to time you may need to lift longer/wider objects with your fork lift truck, this can lead to the load and more importantly the fork lift truck itself becoming highly unstable and could easily cause it to tip over. This could cause damage to the load, truck, driver and any other people in the vicinity.

To alleviate this balance issue we have a range of extension available  from our forklift attachment collection which simply slide onto the forks of your truck and lock into place. These extensions offer excellent support for wide loads due to the extra projections of steel – much like an extra fork on either side.

Forklift Truck Wide Load Extensions Available

We have 2 models to choose from, one has shorter projections, ideal for long and narrow loads with lifting capacities up to 5000kg; the other longer ones are ideal for long and wide loads, with lifting capacities up to 3000kg. They both have maximum fork sizes of 140 x 50mm.

As with all lifting applications a stable load is the safest, and with safety being the number one priority, if you are lifting longer loads with your fork lift truck you should use this type of extension to stabilise the balance of the load.


Contact is the main supplier of our forklift extensions at the moment, ensuring that you can get great quality, durability and compatibility from the products you order from this category.

The Contact standard FFA does not offer adjustability but is still strong, sturdy and convenient for bringing your safe forklift operations to the next level.

Similar solutions

A forklift truck can be turned into an even more flexible tool for lifting and material handling thanks to the other attachments and accessories we supply here at Lifting Gear Direct.

With a forklift hook attachment you can effectively convert a truck to provide crane-like lifting properties, suspending objects beneath the tines. With a forklift jib arm you can achieve similar results, but with a greater level of reach that can be a blessing in many scenarios. With a tipping skip you can easily transport loose materials using a forklift whether in a construction context or in other commercial lifting operations.

If you do not own a forklift but want to streamline everyday processes, our lifting equipment range is sure to contain something to catch your eye.

Ask for help or place orders

LGD has experts on standby to deal with any questions and provide extra details on the fly, so email the team or give us a ring on 01384 76961.


What are forklift extensions

Forklift extensions are devices that slip onto your existing forks to either elongate them or widen them depending on the model chosen.

Are there forklift extensions for wide loads?

Yes, We can supply a forklift extension that can create a 5000mm wide support for those wide loads. 

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