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Hydraulic Lift Tables & Static Lift Platforms

Hydraulic Lift Platforms for Production & Maintenance Tasks

Hydraulic lift tables are a great solution when you need to lift heavy goods in a static location such as raising objects to an easier height for maintenance or for production line conveyor belt loading. Hydraulic tables can raise any item to various heights within the range of the hydraulic lift platform chosen. Lifting Gear Direct have a great choice of electric hydraulic tables with a range of hydraulic lift platform sizes and lifting capacities. 

Electric Lift Platform - ELF Range


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U Shape Electric Lift Table


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A hydraulic lift table, often known as a  hydraulic lift platform is a great piece of lifting equipment. They have the ability to raise and lower heavy goods to the height required. Offering a perfect material handling solution in many types of industries.

Workshops, maintenance and assembly operations all make good use of hydraulic tables. As do product assembly lines, machine feeding areas, manufacturing and inspections of equipment.

Why use a Hydraulic Lift Table?

There are numerous advantages to using a hydraulic table. First and foremost they help to protect from injury when handling heavy goods.

Secondly they provide a height adjustable, stable platform for the placement, inspection or repair of materials. The height can be adjusted within the tables range to a position which best suits the user. This can minimise constant bending to work on the load, greatly reducing the potential back issues. Furthermore the height of the platform can quickly and easily be adjusted to suit the area of the item you are working on.

How does a Hydraulic Lift Platform Work?

A hydraulic lift platform typically has four key components. The platform table, the base, the scissor type legs and the hydraulic system.

The base has no castors like standard scissor lift trolleys, it sits on a steel frame on the ground. It also provides the main stability of the table. The scissor legs stretch from the base to the table top and are operated via the hydraulic system attached. The flat platform or table top is where you place your goods.

 Without getting too technical, a three phase power supply is required to drive the hydraulics which are operated by a control pendant.

Hydraulic Tables Available

Lifting Gear Direct offer a range of stationary lift tables with lifting capacities ranging from 500kg up to 2500kg.  They are capable of lifting loads to varying heights with the maximum height of the top model being 1220mm.

The dimensions of the table/platform also vary between models with the largest having a working area of 1830x1220mm. Some platforms are designed in a 'U' shape for fitting around an object or working in the middle.

If you would like a hydraulic table which can be moved around then check out the scissor lift table category where you will find multiple hydraulic, scissor lift platforms which don't need electric power to operate.

Other Material Handling Solutions

We have a great choice of material handling products here at Lifting Gear Direct. Our collection includes load moving skates and pallet trucks. Perfect for moving those heavier loads around the work place. We also have a great range of drum handling solutions from drum trucks to drum lifters. Our forklift truck mountable section offers a multitude of ways to enhance your fork lift truck. Turning it into a type of mini crane to lift and load your heavy materials.

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If you have any questions regarding our hydraulic tables then simply get in touch. Call us on 01384 76961 or email us via the rapid form or contact page. Our team are always ready to help.


What is a static lift platform?

A static lift platform is much like a scissor lift table but without the wheels. The table top can be highered or lowered to the desired height but the table sill remain in the same position and can't be moved whilst in use.

What is a hydraulic lift table?

A hydraulic lift table is like a static lift platform or scissor lift table and may come with or without wheels. Their main function is to use a hydraulic pump to raise and lower the platform so that loads can be off loaded elsewhere or so that an object can be worked on at a more suitable height.

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