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Welcome to Lifting Gear Direct Ltd

Lifting Gear Specialists and Suppliers 

Lifting Gear Direct is not just a Supplier - We manufacture too, and offer other lifting equipment services

Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we do not only supply a vast range of premium quality lifting gear and lifting equipment that's suitable for all professional applications; we also manufacture certain lifting equipment, bespoke to us such as lifting gantries, jib cranes, lifting beams and lifting dogs etc. All comply to the latest industry standards.

We also have our own team of qualified engineers for breakdowns, repairs and inspections on any lifting equipment. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of lifting equipment, stocking nearly a thousand different products. We have everything from smaller such as eyebolts and shackles, to items equipped to physically lift heavier loads such as chain blocks, air hoists and lever hoists; these make up part of our hoists & hoisting equipment range.

We also manufacture Crane & gantry systems like Jib Cranes and mobile lifting gantries as well as supplying workshop floor cranes and lightweight aluminium lifting gantries. Whatever your lifting tackle requirements are, we have the solution. Our expert team have years of experience providing lifting gear and lifting equipment throughout the UK to a wide variety of trades and industries.

Find out more on our about us page. With a team of in-office customer support agents, sales personnel and electrical and mechanical engineers, we can help you through every part of the process. This includes from the initial discussion on the equipment that you will need, right through to installing, servicing and inspecting your lifting gear.

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