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Pafbag solar panel lifting bags

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Pafbag Solar Panel Lifting Bags

Pafbag Solar Panel Lifting Bags

 The unique design of the Pafbag solar panel lifting bag offers innovative features to enable solar panels and other frame type loads to be lifted with speed and efficiency. With a maximum safe working load of 500kg it is often the case that more than one panel can be lifted together.


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Pafbag Solar Panel Lifting Bags Specifics

The dimensions of the Pafbag panel lifting bag are 2.4 metres long by 1.2 metres high, the depth is 100mm.

There are two metal poles that run along the top sides of the bag to offer excellent structure to the bag and protection to its contents. These poles can also be utilized as carry handles.

To hold the load within the bag there are double ring slings circling the bag horizontally. These incorporate adjustable buckles to enable easy opening of the bag at the side for loading/unloading and when fastened they can be pulled tight around the load to ensure total security of the contents whilst minimising the risk of damage to protruding valves.

At the base of the Pafbag solar panel bag you will find it is more padded than the rest of the side walls. This it to offer some cushioning to the load and outer protection against floor scrapes.

Lifting sling tunnels are in place, just like many of our other lifting bags, to offer sling protection, easy inspection and most importantly keep the sling in the optimum position.

When this type of bag is lifted with its load they can move and swing especially on a windy day, and could potentially knock into the side of the building as it is hoisted up. With the Pafbag panel bag this is easily averted thanks to the addition of two 'D' rings and a detachable delta sling that provides an easy anchor point for attaching guide ropes. These stabilising ropes are highly recommended and are used from the ground to guide the loaded bag away from obstructions.

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