Tea he 235 scaffold hoist

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TEA HE 235 Scaffold Hoist

TEA HE 235 Scaffold Hoist

One of our best selling scaffold hoists, robust and very competitively priced the TEA HE 235 scaffold hoist is hard to beat for most builders and construction workers.

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Designed with care and built using excellent materials and components, the HE 235 is just one of TEA’s impressive scaffold hoists. It comes with a longer cable than some of its stable mates, such as the HE 200, while packing in competitive performance capabilities across the board. Pendant control & Scaffold Brackets are included with the HE 235 scaffold hoist. Plus there are many other excellent accessories to choose from. Let us take you through everything else it has to offer. 

Basic Features of HE 235 Scaffold Hoist

  • Motor type : Single phase
  • Voltage : 110v
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Max. lifting capacity : 200kg
  • Engine power : 750W
  • Average lifting speed : 23 m/Min
  • Cable length : 25m
  • Steel cable diameter : 5mm
  • Hoist weight : 40kg
  • Dimensions : (mm) 830 x 270 x 520
  • Extend Reach "A" Frame : 745mm to 1120mm


HE 235 Scaffold Hoist Perks

Picking this type of hoist has the obvious advantage of giving you a reliable, consistent bit of lifting gear that will be an excellent addition to any construction job. The pendant control unit is durable, robust and simple to use from a range of positions. The 25 metre rope featured on this hoist provides plenty of lifting height, while the 200kg load capacity should be enough to cope with a decent amount of materials and equipment. 

The 23 metre per minute average lifting speed of this hoist is competitive without being class-leading. TEA offers a faster unit in the form of the HE 150 Veloce, which boosts this speed to 33 metres per minute. 

When it comes to working at height, safety is important. The HE 235 and all of its counterparts in the L’Europea range are created with this in mind. You should be able to deploy this scaffold hoist with confidence, both in its build quality and its stability as a lifting platform. 

Considering Other Scaffold Hoists

If this hoist does not quite match your requirements, we have plenty of other options on our site. The IMER range is a good alternative to consider, offering weatherproof electronic components that will remain resilient in the face of the elements. The most important factors to keep in mind are of course load capacity and lifting speed, both of which vary from model to model, regardless of the manufacturer you pick. 

Contact LGD for more Scaffold Hoist Info

Our team is here to talk you through any scaffold hoist question you might have. We can also provide you with quotes, tell you about the lifting equipment inspection services we offer and give general advice. Call 01384 76961 to chat with an expert or find our full contact details right here for other ways to get in touch.

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