Cam buckle straps

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Cam Buckle Straps

Buy Cam Buckle Straps for easy Load Securing

Lifting Gear Direct can supply cam buckle straps in a range of sizes to suit a range of webbing strap widths which are also available in any length required. Complete cam buckle straps can also be supplied, Usually made in our own factory to suit your requirements keeps prices low. Endless cam buckle straps and standard 3 part cam straps can be supplied.

Cam Straps


About Cam StrapsCam buckle straps are simple load restraints that are..

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Cam Buckle Straps

What is a Cam Buckle Strap?

Cam buckle straps are simple devices for securing items. Cam buckles are simple buckle type fittings that are used together with a webbing strap to use as a load restraint. Unlike ratchet straps which use the ratchet mechanism to tighten, a cam strap is tightened by hand and therefore can only be tightened as much as the users strength allows.

Endless Cam buckle straps are a popular type of load restraint and consist of a single unit. There is a a single length of webbing strap with incorporated cam buckle. To use this type, the strap is threaded through the buckle and pulled back to tighten.

Custom Cam Buckle Lashing Straps

Our cam buckle lashing straps are incredibly strong thanks to being made from high tenacity polyester webbing. It has good resistance to UV rays,cam buckle straps mildew, moisture and some chemicals.

We have a range of sizes to choose from in both the cam buckle and webbing straps.

Cam buckles come in a range of sizes to work with different widths of webbing, 1 and 2 inch widths are the most popular. Lifting Gear Direct can produce a cam buckle strap to suit your needs, whatever size or length you require our machinists can make them up for you. Whether you need just one or two or many multiples we can help. Just give us a call and let us know what you need.

All products are labelled with all the necessary information for easy identification.

Other Load Restraints

We have quite an extensive range of cargo restraints to choose from if a cam buckle strap is not quite right for you. We have ratchet lashings which also use webbing though with a ratcheting buckle. Our ratchet load binders however use chains as a means of holding the cargo. These options with the ratcheting system makes it much easier to get a really tight grip on your load with minimal effort. Lifting Gear Direct can also supply 3 strand poly rope for multiple uses including tie down operations. This makes a useful lorry rope.

If recovery is the agender then we can help there too. From Kinetic tow ropes and towing straps to full kits, wheel straps, recovery chain and hooks and shackles of all sizes.

Whatever your lashing requirements are, our team can help. Remember we also supply many other types of loose tackle, such as shackles and eye bolts. Wire rope winches and cable pullers can also be used to secure and pull loads, though not necessarily on a lorry.

Getting in Touch

Help and advice is always on hand at Lifting Gear Direct. To speak to us, simply call 01384 76961, or else you may email us via the rapid form or contacts page.

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How wide are cam buckle straps?

Cam buckle straps come in a range of widths to suit a range of loads that need securing. 1 inch and 2 inch widths tend to be the most popular.

How does a cam buckle work?

A cam buckle is basically a gripping device to hold webbing straps securely. The buckle incorporates a shallow toothed lever spanning the width of the buckle. The lever is pressed to lift the lever so the web strap can be inserted. When the lever is released the webbing is gripped tightly.

What length of cam buckle strap can you get?

Cam buckle straps can be made up to virtually any length.

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