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Tipping Skips

Buy Fork lift tipping skips for easy collection, transportation and emptying of loose loads.

Lifting Gear Direct offer a wide range of forklift tipping skips to fit to your fork lift truck which suit a range of applications. They are especially efficient for collecting and transporting loose materials or for rubbish collection without requiring a separate piece of equipment to tackle this task. There are 3 capacities to choose from, 750, 1250 & 1750 litres. Forklift attachments are a convenient, cost effective way to transport loads.

Tipping Skip - economy DtEC 1750


Part of our tipping skip line up, the DTS 1750 is one of several high quality, l..

Tipping Skip - Economy DtEC DTS 1250


Part of our forklift attachment family, this tipping skip from DtEC mixes afford..

Tipping Skip - Economy DtEC DTS 750


Designed by DtEC and supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, the DTS 750 is one of our ..

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Why Use A Forklift Tipping Skip

Tipping skips are a great material handling solution. they are ideal in production and storage areas and also on construction sites for keeping the area clean and tidy whilst allowing the easy removal and emptying of waste products. The skips are easy to attach and remove which means the forklift truck can still be used around the workplace whilst a skip is being filled.

There are 1 and 2 way entry skips for forklift mounting and skips with lifting lugs for attaching to a crane or hoisting device.

We can also supply any skip with;

Castors (standard or braked),

Steel lid (to prevent rubbish from being blown out and reduce odours),

Height extension mesh panels (to increase volume without significant weight increase)

Lifting lugs (for lifting the skip with a crane)

Other Forklift Attachments

Lifting Gear Direct can supply an extensive range of attachments to enhance your forklift truck; No longer is your truck just used for pallet loading, check out our innovative collection to make the most out of your truck which could potentially save you time and money.

In amongst our forklift attachments you will find forklift hooks, which can be affixed between the tines and allow you to lift and lower loads safely without having to fall back on a crane or gantry system.

We also supply forklift extensions, which let you enhance your truck so that larger loads are easier to accommodate. Brands like Contact are represented in this and several other categories, so you know you are getting high quality components.

Finally our forklift jib arms are able to endow standard trucks with crane-like lifting capabilities. From fixed position to extendable jib arms, finding the perfect add on for your needs should be simple thanks to our site.

Further equipment options

Customers of Lifting Gear Direct have a whole world of choice across our material handling and lifting equipment ranges.

Perhaps the most important thing to appreciate about what we offer is that it does not solely feature equipment but also the accessories and add-ons that can make all the difference in terms of productivity and operational safety.

From wire rope to load and force calculating kit, our extensive range is second to none and we also have truly competitive prices to take advantage of.

Ask questions about tipping skips & order

For help with tipping skips, forklift attachments or any general enquiry, please get in touch with Lifting Gear Direct by calling 01384 76961 or sending us an email.


What is a tipping skip?

 A tipping skip is a handy forklift attachment which can be used for moving and emptying all manner of goods and debris.

What options are there for a tipping skip?

The most popular sizes of tipping skips are 750kg, 1250kg and 1750kg safe working load capacities Each skip has the option to have mesh sides to extend three sides to prevent rubbish falling ; castors so the can be pushed around manually; a lid to keep contents safe, prevent leakage and smells escaping and the option of top lifting lugs so the skip can also be lifted with a crane/hoist system.

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