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Special Lifting Clamps

Buy Specialist Lifting Clamps for Piling and Pipe Lifting

Lifting Gear Direct can supply, test and repair a wide range of other lifting clamps suitable for a variety of purposes. Supplied by respected manufacturers and stocked by us, our line up of lifting equipment is second to none in terms of pricing and variety. These specialist lifting clamps include pipe lifting solutions, piling clamps and board handling clamps.

Camlok CP Pile Pitching Clamps


About the Camlok CP Pile Pitching Clamps  While some lifting clamps are fi..

Camlok PP Pile Pulling Clamp


 About the Camlok PP Pile Pulling Clamp  Designed and built by Camlok..

Camlok TPZ Board Clamp


About the Camlok TPZ Board Clamp  The TPZ board clamp does exactly what it..

Pipe Lifting Pins - Quick Release


About Pipe Lifting PinsPipe lifting pins are used for the lifting, lowering..

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Special Lifting Clamps

About Our Other Specialist Lifting Clamps

Construction clamps are used across many industries, including water and sewage and civil engineering. Large concrete pipes and kerbstones can be lifted in safety and with relative ease thanks to our range of clamps on offer. 

Pipe Lifting Clamps & Piling Clamps

From trusted brand names such as Camlok  you can be assured of their quality. Our range includes pipe lifting pins, hooks and clamps, ideal for lifting and positioning large concrete pipework; pile pulling and pitching clamps, ideal for sheet steel piling; concrete block clamps, for kerbstone lifting; board clamps and hand grip clamps for the easier lifting of smaller items. 

Capacities & configurations

The brands of lifting clamp which we stock are respected and trusted but that does not mean that you can play fast and loose with lifting regulations when it comes to the load limits of the equipment you order. 

Getting the right clamp for the job is dependent not only on the suitability of its design for the shape of the materials you are intending to lift; it must also be dictated by the weight of the load. 

This can vary wildly from product to product. For example, the Topal TI pipe clamp has a WLL of 1000kg maximum, while the Camlok PH pipe hooks can cope with up to 10 tonnes safely. 

Accessories & extras

As well as stocking an impressive array of lifting clamps and equipment, you can rely on Lifting Gear Direct to supply the accessories you need to get your operations going at lightning speed. 

Our lifting slings can be a good match for this type of equipment, with our chain slings especially well suited for use with pipe hooks, for example. 

We also make custom crane and gantry systems, so if you are in the market for a lifting assembly to use in conjunction with your clamps, we can build it for you. 

You can rely on Lifting Gear Direct to deliver the goods, whatever you need. We offer the best in terms of quality and customer service, as well as exceeding expectations on price and practicality. 

Let us know what you need

Take a look at our range and give our team a call for a competitive quote, more information or just friendly advice. Our sales hotline is 01384 76961 and you can also email us with any questions about lifting clamps, equipment and services we offer. 


What special lifting clamps can you supply?

Pipe lifting pins, pile pitching clamps, board clamps and pile pulling clamps are some of the special types of lifting clamps available at Lifting Gear Direct.

What are piling clamps?

Piling clamps are used for pitching and pulling steel piles that are used to shore up and strengthen large cavities.

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