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Buy C Hooks for Coil Handling at Lifting Gear Direct

A C hook can be found in our range of lifting clamps which we stock to help customers cope with the transportation and handling of loads that cannot be moved via general purpose means.  'C' hooks are typically used for lifting and moving open coils, for example a pipe or coil of rope or perhaps a big roll of paper. They are usually attached to a crane or hoisting device to aid the lift, both of which Lifting Gear Direct can supply.

Camlok TCK Single Arm C Hook


About the Camlok TCK Single Arm C Hook  The TCK is a single arm 'C' h..

Camlok TCS Universal Turning Hook


About the Camlok TCS Universal Turning Hook  One of several different Caml..

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C Hooks

About ‘C’ Hooks

Some materials are harder to lift efficiently and safely than others, which is why at Lifting Gear Direct you can find a number of different specialised products which help to overcome such limitations. This is where our ‘C’ hooks come into play, solving complex challenges in a jiffy. 

What is a  C hook?

As the name suggests, ‘C’ hooks are shaped to provide a platform for lifting loads such as coils of wire, rolls of various materials and even pipes, so long as their specifications and load limits are up to the task at hand. 

The inclusion of a back stop on some models allows for solid stability levels during lifting, lowering and manoeuvring. Compatibility with other equipment, such as hoists and gantry systems, lets you deploy ‘C’ hooks in whatever way you see fit. 

How are C Hooks used?

The way that ‘C’ hook products are used will depend on their design. Some models offer a single arm setup with just one point of attachment, encompassing the entirety of the load across a bar, while others are intended to work in a twin arm configuration which lets them take on larger cylindrical loads. 

For twin arm ‘C’ hooks you can expect to also see the addition of other components, such as a top beam, allowing for more flexibility and security. Even so, these assemblies remain user friendly and do not require multi-person teams to operate in many cases but can instead be handled by an individual. 

Some models, like the Camlok TCS, are built not just for lifting coiled loads, but also for turning them to the desired orientation. This can be appealing if you are aiming to organise materials for transport as conveniently as possible, rather than being beholden to their existing configuration. 

What brands are available?

Lifting Gear Direct supplies kit from many well known brands, including within our ‘C’ hook line up. 

Companies like Camlok are well established in this market segment and they are also represented right here on our site. 

Which ‘C’ hook is right for me?

This will ultimately depend on the nature of the load you are hoping to lift, as there are different sizes and capacities of ‘C’ hook to consider here on our site and some will be better suited to particular operations than others. 

Of course a ‘C’ hook may not be exactly appropriate for your purposes if the loads you need to lift are not compatible with its design. In which case our other lifting clamps could come in handy, along with equipment and accessories of all kinds. 

Ask Away!

If you still have questions about ‘C’ hooks or simply want to get some advice on lifting equipment in general, please email our team or give us a call on 01384 76961.


How can I lift open coils?

Open coils perhaps with rope or cable can be easily lifted with the use of a 'C' hook lifting device.

How are big paper rolls lifted?

Big paper rolls such as in paper mills typically use some form of 'C' hook in the lifting operation. Connected to a hoist or crane the C hook has a single prong which slides right through the centre of an open coil/reel.

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