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Block and Tackle

A block and tackle is a type of lifting or hoisting device that is used across many types of industries. You may know a block and tackle better as a chain block or perhaps a manual chain hoist. They are actually the same device. At Lifting Gear Direct can find a block and tackle for sale at the best possible prices thanks to our collaboration with the major brands. So whether you are looking for a chain block and tackle from leading brands such as Kito and Tractel or a comparable heavy duty brand such as our own Lifting Gear Direct model then we can help. There are other similar products available on the Chain block page.

LGD Chain Hoist LGD Chain Hoist

LGD Chain Hoist


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Tractel Tralift Block and Tackle

Tractel Tralift Block and Tackle


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Kito CB Block and Tackle


 From the stellar specifications to the eye-catching design, it is a compel..

Kito CX Block and Tackle


Its size makes it ideal for forming part of an on-the-fly load lugging setup, wh..

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Block and Tackle

How a Block And Tackle Works

These devices are a more modern form of the more traditional sheave blocks. However rather than pull ropes over a block our devices use chains and gears. The chain is pulled manually, by hand over precision gears and bearings. This enables you to expedite much more force and therefore lift heavier loads with minimum effort.

Block and tackle devices that you see today consist of many parts to ensure safe and smooth operation for many lifting tasks. From machined gears, chain guides, and quality bearings to drive pinions and the load and hand chains. Apart from the chain, all working parts are encased within robust housing for protection.

At the top of the housing, you will find a suspension hook. This is where you will hang the device from. At the lower end, the load chain will also have a load hook, this is where you will attach the load to be lifted. All of the hooks will incorporate a safety catch to ensure the hoist and load remain safely in place.

Once the hoist is anchored and the load is fitted, simply pull down on the hand chain and the load chain will raise up the load as it is pulled over the gears.

Don't worry about letting go of the hand chain! The braking system will hold the load wherever you stop pulling. This is also another great safety feature of chain blocks.

Why Choose a Block & Tackle

Whether you need to lift items on a regular basis or just occasionally there is a block and tackle to suit your needs. For example, the Kito CX is the smallest, most compact block around. It actually sits in the palm of your hand, yet it can lift loads up to 250kg. This space saving hoist is perfect for light and infrequent lifting tasks, perhaps around the home, on-site, or workshop.

For a heavy duty block and tackle, try the popular Yalelift 360. This packs a punch with the top model capable of lifting up to 20000kg. It also boasts the capability of being operated from all angles thanks to its 360 degree rotation of the hand chain.

For a mid range and more economical hoist, take a look at the Lifting Gear Direct chain block. This range has models with lifting capacities ranging from 500kg up to 5000kg.

We can also supply more specialized models such as a range of corrosion resistant hoists. Atex rated hoists for use in hazardous environments can also be found at Lifting Gear Direct. Along with the Rov chain block from Tiger which is suitable for use in marine environments with a ROV (remotely operated vehicle).

Our range of manual chain blocks is quite extensive and any one can significantly increase productivity within your work environment. They enable quicker and safer lifting with minimal effort. Therefore by using these devices can offer protection to your workforce by minimising strain and awkward lifting.

Other Equipment Commonly Used with a Block and Tackle

A block and tackle or chain block is commonly used alongside other types of lifting equipment. They are frequently sold together with a Jib crane or lifting gantry and a beam trolley. The trolley fits to the beam of the crane and the block and tackle fits to the trolley. The trolley is used to move the chain block and attached load across the beam.

Lifting slings are another commonly used item with a manual chain hoist. The sling is used to attach the load to the load chain on the hoist. We can supply many types of lifting slings which can be made up to suit your needs. Web slings, round slings and chain slings are some of our specialities. Made to order in our factory by experienced engineers.

Additional Safety

A block and tackle is a lifting device and all LOLER directives must be followed. These include frequent checks for potential issues which may affect the working safety of the device. Thorough inspections must also be carried out by a competent person at least every 12 months. You can find out more about these inspections and our inspection services here.

Getting in Touch with Lifting Gear Direct 

If you know exactly which block and tackle you need then most models can be purchased directly online through our safe payment system. We are also happy to take orders over the phone on 01384 76961. Alternatively you can email us through the rapid enquiry form. Any queries you may have please don't hesitate to ask. Our team are always ready to oblige, whether its advice or just a price you need.

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