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Manufacture & Installation

The team at Lifting Gear Direct have been manufacturing certain types of lifting equipment for decades and are proud to have installed our equipment in companies throughout the UK.

What Lifting Gear Direct manufacture

We specialise in the manufacture of bespoke Jib cranes and mobile lifting gantry systems; they are custom made to order to your exact specifications as long as they are within our maximum size range. Professionally designed with precise load and force calculations you can be confident in the fact that our cranes can stand up to the task.

Our fabricators have decades of welding experience in this industry and will competently manufacture and assemble your crane with care and professionalism. Both our Jib cranes and Mobile A-Frame gantry systems have multiple options you can choose from during the simple design process; from various heights, spans and bracing options to catenaries, parking jacks, knockout boxes and more. You can find out more details on our crane and gantry systems page.

Besides the cranes that we produce, we can also manufacture smaller lifting equipment such a lifting beams and plate lifting dogs to facilitate the easier lifting of specific loads.

Webbing products such as web slings and ratchet straps can also be made to order thanks to our own industrial sewing workshop, we are happy to make one off items or many multiples to suit your needs.

Wire rope assemblies can also be completed to your requirements as we have our own wire rope rigger and industrial press facilities.

crane installation
Installing your Lifting Equipment

Jib crane installation Some types of lifting gear can be difficult or impossible to install yourselves. For certain items of lifting equipment, especially the ones that are   going to handle heavy loads it is imperative that they are installed correctly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions; If they are not then there could be a possible catastrophe.

Jib cranes are usually a type of fixed crane and whether they are to be fitted to a wall, column or floor, the correct materials must be used and   procedures must be followed. Our own team of installation engineers are highly experienced in this area and will ensure your crane is installed   with   care and tested for safety and stability. The highest quality, correct, tried and tested fittings are always used whether they are special   chemical   compounds or nuts and bolts; so you can rest assured the crane will remain in place for a seriously long time.

As well as our crane systems, we can also offer hoist installations. Powered hoisting systems like electric hoists or air hoists can be heavy and   awkward to fit; they will also need to be wired in by a qualified electrician to ensure they will operate safely. Our engineers are also experienced   electricians and will be happy to install your chosen hoist where it is required, and ensure it is working correctly before leaving site.
Book an Installation

If you would like to book an installation for piece of lifting equipment or get some advice and help with an item that you would like manufactured then you can simply call the Lifting Gear Direct team on 01384 76961. Another way to get in touch is by email; you can fill out the form on our contact page with your requirements and a member of the team will get in touch as soon as possible.