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How does a jib crane work?

A Jib Crane works by fixing a pillar mounted to the wall or floor. This works as a support for a horizontal jib which holds manual or electric hoists. This hoist is then used to lift loads and works best in a specific area of your business to move objects around a certain radius, according to the Jib cranes used.

Make sure all your lifting equipment complies with LOLER Regulations, you can watch our video by scrolling down to see the best ways to operate a Swing Jib Crane.

125kg Under Braced Swing Jib Crane


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250kg Under Braced Swing Jib


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500kg Under Braced Swing Jib


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1000kg Under Braced Swing Jib


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2000kg Under Braced Swing Jib


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3000kg Under Braced Swing Jib


We can customise this crane with optional features, build it and install it on-s..

125kg Over Braced Swing Jib


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250kg Over Braced Swing Jibs


Floor and column mounting are available with arm radii up to 5 metres and wall m..

500kg Over Braced Swing Jibs


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1000kg Over Braced Swing Jibs


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2000kg Over Braced Swing Jib


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3000 kg Over Braced Swing Jib


3000kg Over Braced Swing Jib Features This crane can be floor or column mounted..

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Jib Crane

Our Bespoke Jib Crane Systems

Our own bespoke swing Jib cranes (Lifting Gear Direct) are manufactured to order from only the most durable of materials and staying true to our reputation, we only supply our own and the most recognised brand names in the industry.  

This includes well known manufacturers such as Demag and Donati, so you can rest assured that the quality on offer is second to none. Another benefit of going for a respected brand is that the cranes are built to industry standards and should be compatible with a range of attachments. No matter the lifting task you want to accomplish, our cranes can get it done quickly and with minimal fuss. If a swing Jib is not the type of crane you are looking for then head over to our main crane & gantry systems page to see the other types of cranes we offer.

Swing Jib Crane Benefits

On the other hand, the advantage of choosing a manually rotated crane is that it will be a lower cost option. There are a lot of scenarios in which manual rotation is perfectly adequate, while electric rotation will be an unnecessary luxury. This is why it is important to examine both your needs and your budget before you jump in. Contact us using the details below if you are at all confused about the crane products we sell here at Lifting Gear Direct

Jibs available in a variety of styles and sizes

Whatever the size of your premises, investing in quality jib cranes can increase productivity while actively promoting good health and safety for your employees. Manual lifting of heavy objects will take its toll on staff. With a jib crane gantry system, this will no longer be a problem. Instead you will be able to move equipment, components and goods without taking any risks or risking physical issues arising further down the line. 

There are plenty of different lifting capacities to choose from throughout this category. The most compact jibs are rated for 125kg weights, while at the upper end of the size scale you can find model that will easily accommodate loads of 10,000kg or more. Our own bespoke swing Jibs go up to a safe working load of 3000kg, and are made to your specific needs and are usually more cost effective than the next leading brand. 

Over Braced and Under Braced Jib Cranes

Some designs feature an under brace in order to increase the strength of the arm and improve stability and reliability. Others opt for an over brace configuration, which can extend all the way to the end of the arm. The benefit of an over braced jib crane is that it gives you a completely unobstructed area directly below the beam, whereas an under braced swing jib crane will be slightly restricted in terms of the distance that the hoist can travel along it. This is just one of the things to think about when picking which crane type to order from our site.  

The angle of rotation that can be achieved is another deciding factor to consider. The more a crane can rotate, the easier it will be to manoeuvre loads within the available area around it. This will also be a factor when choosing amongst our wall, floor or column mounted crane gantry system setups.  

Types of Swing Jib Crane

Whether you are looking for something free standing or something that attaches to the wall or existing steel stanchion, our professional team can work with you to find the optimum machine for you.  

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

A wall mounted jibs will take up the least amount of space, because it can be affixed to the structure of your building. We can not only sell you this type of crane, but also adjust its design to fit the layout of your premises and the work you want to complete with it. We can even visit you to install it and make sure that everything works as intended, then return in the future to inspect and maintain it. 

Column Mounted Jib Crane

Column mounted Swing jibs are similar to wall mounted models, but take advantage of the structural columns that are found in many working environments. This includes places like factories and workshops, which is exactly where this type of lifting gear can be most effectively deployed. Greater slewing ranges and impressive radii are offered by this type of crane. They can also be installed without intruding on the floor space or getting in the way of other equipment, which is an advantage.   

Floor Mounted Jib Crane

A floor mounted crane can be under or over braced and will typically be bolted directly into the ground and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, depending on the model. If you need a custom made crane of this type then Lifting Gear Direct can help you out. You can specify lots of extras, including trolleys and clamps for the beam as well as safety features like an isolator switch and knockout box. With radiuses of up to four metres available, and under beam heights also peaking at four metres, these cranes can be configured with different types of bracing according to your needs.  

Demag Crane System

The Demag KBK pillar mounted jib is a good example of this. It comes with a 300 degree slewing radius for exceptional freedom of movement. It has a lifting capacity of up to 1000kg and can be equipped with an arm that measures up to seven metres in length. As you would expect the chain hoist that is paired with this jib is from Demag’s own line up of products. This means that it benefits from low maintenance parts, plenty of power and a good level of protection from dust, dirt and liquids.  

Donati Crane System

The Donati CBB is even more versatile, as the arm is articulated half way along its length. This column mounted crane is a sibling to the MBB, which is designed for wall mounting. Both can cope with loads of up to 500kg and each has an electric chain hoist onboard for smooth, quiet operation. The smallest models have a two-metre outreach length, while the largest top out at seven. The articulation lets you tackle almost any job with excellent levels of manoeuvrability.  

Donati is one of the brands which builds jibs with motorised arms. This is a convenient feature which further reduces the effort needed to handle loads. Instead of pushing the crane and its cargo around by hand, the motor will let operators do so at the press of a button. Benefits like this are why so many businesses choose to use cutting edge cranes.  

Crane System Service Options

If you need to book in the annual inspections which are mandated for column mounted jibs, we can schedule in regular check-ups to ensure that it is working as intended. This will not only keep you in line with safety regulations, but also make sure that your crane works reliably year after year, without suffering from any unplanned downtime.   

Crane Safety Considerations 

There are a number of things to take into account when using swing jib cranes in a busy commercial environment. Even if you have invested in high quality equipment available from Lifting Gear Direct and used our aforementioned inspection services, your daily operations need to be carried out according to government guidelines to minimise the risks of accidents and injuries occurring. 

The way that swing jib cranes work means that heavy loads can move horizontally and vertically through the arc of the beam’s travel. If loads are not properly secured, they could fall and create a serious hazard for equipment operators as well as other side users. Proper maintenance will also mean that  lifting accessories you use with your swing jib cranes can be kept in a serviceable condition. Complications caused by wear and tear, corrosion and other types of damage will boost the risks that employees face. 

Enhancing Swing Jib Cranes

Thanks to the fact that we build swing jib cranes to order for our customers, you have the option to add a bevy of brilliant equipment to any assembly you choose from the Lifting Gear Direct line up. Whether you opt for wall, column or floor mounting, our team of engineers can install festoons and catenaries to your crane, along with isolators, knockout switches and plenty of similarly impressive kit besides. 

Your order can also feature lifting clamps and grabs that make it easier to manage loads that have an irregular shape. Our range of beam attachments is similarly expansive, with beam trolleys allowing any of the hoists you choose for your swing jib cranes to perform smoothly and consistently. 

Custom Cranes & Alternatives

Being able to customise every aspect of your swing jib order with Lifting Gear Direct applies to both the accessories and the dimensions of the crane itself. We have already talked about the variety of lifting heights, beam lengths and bracing options that we provide. It is also worth noting that we can build a lot of other different types of lifting equipment, with the same bespoke approach to service on the table for our customers. 

Lifting gantry systems sit within our own-brand line up of made to measure models, with both static and mobile gantries on offer. A gantry that can be moved to take on lifting jobs in places that a fixed position jib crane could not reach might be exactly what your business needs to prosper. 

Floor cranes are also available, providing similar levels of mobility and versatility while adopting a crane configuration rather than the A-frame setup of a typical lifting gantry. Manufacturers such as Ace, Raptor and GT are found in this range, so while we do not produce the floor cranes ourselves, we are more than capable of supplying these and many other high quality products from third party manufacturers. This ties in with our stocking of Demag and Donati swing jib cranes and the associated equipment that comes as part of a holistic solution. 

Get in touch

Browse our full selection of jib cranes below for full technical details and call our team on 01384 76961 to discuss any particularly specific requirements. Remember to view our other lifting equipment to compliment your crane. You can also contact us through our website and we will get back to you via email. No matter what you need to know, from product info to a quote for the services we offer, our team will help you out as soon as possible.


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