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Gantry Hoists for Building sites 

Builders Hoists or gantry hoists are specialist electric hoisting systems which attach to a special gantry frame to enable the hoist to overhang the building to lift your loads. They are commonly used on building sites for new builds, building reconstruction work and maintenance work, and also in other areas where there is no scaffolding to enable the use of a scaffold winch. Produced by a variety of brands, builders’ hoists are made to cope with the requirements of regular use on construction sites. Lifting Gear Direct can supply you with a productive, efficient, cost-effective builders hoist as well as a wide range of IMER accessories & TEA Accessories.

HE500 MF Twin Fall Builders Hoist


Features of the HE500 MF Twin Fall Builders Hoist This particular builders ..

HE 500TF Builders hoist


 This builders hoist can lift and lower loads almost three times as quickly..

HE 800TF Builders Hoist


 Sitting as part of the TEA L’Europea range, this builders hoist provi..

HE 800MF Builders Hoist


 This builders hoist is one of the higher capacity models from the TEA L’Eu..

HG 200 Builders Scaffold Hoist


HG 200 Scaffold Hoist Features & Benefits The HG 200 electric hoist sits on..

Imer Airone Builders Hoist / Stand Hoist


 These builders hoists have been specially designed with construction ..

Imer G500 Builders Hoist


 This Imer G500 builders hoist can handle loads up to 500kg and can lift to..

Imer ET500 TF Builders Hoist / Stand Hoist


 Easily fitted to a counterbalanced gantry frame the ET500 builders hoist&n..

IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist


The IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist has various advantageous features, such as a half..

IMER ET 300N Builders Hoist


 With a 300kg load limit, the IMER ET 300N Builders Hoist is capable o..

Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle


Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle This particular gantry frame or tres..

Ballast Boxes


Ballast can be any material and is used to provide stability, usually to a vehic..

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Builders Hoists

Basics of builders hoist hardware

While builders’ hoists can have different specifications and capabilities, there are a few unifying features in this range. You can expect to require the support of a gantry frame to play host to this type of kit.

Once set up, this type of hoist will be able to haul materials and equipment like any other. However, it stands apart from standard scaffold winches in that it does not need scaffolding as an anchor point, so is suited to use in scenarios where this is not present.

Using A Builders Gantry Hoist builders hoist

There are various situations in which scaffolding may have been removed, such as towards the end of a project when work is nearly completed. In this case, a builder’s hoist can come into its own. With the supporting gantry set up at a suitable spot, adhering to safety guidelines for lifting, the hoist can project beyond the edge of the structure to allow straightforward raising and lowering of any relevant loads.

The gantry itself will, of course, need to be counterbalanced by a weight. This will need to be chosen according to the SWL of the hoist while also factoring in the heft of the gantry assembly as well. Check out our ballast box products to achieve this.

The gantry frame can be positioned so that is overhangs the side of the building with the hoist attached to the overhanging edge. The gantry frame uses ballast boxes at the rear in order to counterbalance the weight, the ballast boxes can be filled with suitable materials exceeding the combined weight of the hoist and load to be lifted. We can supply gantry frames and ballast boxes to suit lifting capacities of 300kg, 500kg & 800kg.

Now that you have a grasp of the basics, it is time to delve into the different builder’s hoist brands that are competing for your custom. There are a few hoists in the IMER range, and if you are interested in more products from this respected manufacturer we also sell scaffold winches and hoists with different specifications and features. We can also supply the range of L’Europea gantry hoist models manufactured by TEA to consider, accounting for almost every conceivable size you might expect from lifting equipment of this type. Here is a breakdown of the hoists you can find on the Lifting Gear Direct site.   

TEA L-Europea builders hoists

Also known for its scaffold winch and hoist family, the L’Europea range from TEA consists of numerous models, five of which can be found right here on the Lifting Gear Direct site.

The HE 300MF is endowed with a modest 300kg load capacity and boasts an average lifting speed of 23 metres per minute. It has a working length of 25 metres as standard, with a 40 metre max length available. Its 6mm diameter steel cable is sturdy and it has a breaking point of 23.26kN. The hoist itself tips the scale at 48kg, making it light enough to be manoeuvrable.

The HE 500MF shares the same lifting speed as its smaller cousin but brings a half-tonne SWL to the table. It is closely related to the HE 500TF, which has a three phase motor and can lift at 29 metres per minute for an even faster turnaround with the same 500kg capacity. There is also the HE 500MF Twin Fall to consider, which doubles up on the single-chain fall equivalent for increased sturdiness and stability at the cost of lifting speed.

The HE 800MF tops out the range with its 800kg load limit and a host of other exciting features. Its 11.5 metres per minute lifting speed is achieved via its single phase 1500w motor. Meanwhile, the HE 800TF has the more potent three-phase equivalent, making it slightly nippier than its counterpart.

IMER builders hoists

Vying for your attention alongside TEA are the IMER builders hoist models, also stocked and supplied by the specialists at Lifting Gear Direct.

The ET 300N kicks off the range with the expected 300kg capacity to coincide with its numerical name. The average lifting speed when under full load is between 18 and 19 metres per minute and it comes with a 31-metre rope to allow for extensive lifting and lowering to be achieved as standard.

Next in line is the BS 500, sporting a speedier 26 metres per minute lifting speed and a 500kg load limit. This performance is possible thanks to its three phase electric motor, which also benefits from self-braking capabilities to ensure safety is achieved on-site.

The ET 500TF is also a 500kg capacity builders hoist, bust has a greater maximum working height of 42 metres and a full load lifting speed that tops out at 20 metres per minute. It is a heftier unit, weighing 71kg all in but packing enough of a punch to justify this.

The G500 is IMER’s is another 500kg load limit hoist, this time offering a lower lifting speed and a lower weight to go along with it. It is suitable to be mounted on a gantry which has a horizontal beam along which it can run, giving operators more flexibility.

The ET 1000 ups the capacity to a full metric tonne and its three phase motor can muster lifting speeds of 10 metres per minute in typical conditions. The G 1000 is also a 1000kg capacity hoist, showing just how extensive IMER’s line-up is.

Builders hoist accessories you may like

Builders Hoist accessoriesWhen you take advantage of the array of builder’s hoists, we supply, you might also want to look out for any relevant accessories to include as part of your order.

We have official add-ons from both IMER and TEA to sift through. In addition to the ballast boxes we mentioned earlier, to further compliment our range of gantry hoists we have a range of buckets and bucket carriers and wheelbarrow chains, you can see the full range of accessories for scaffold and gantry hoists here there are a whole heap of other lifting gear accessories to be encountered on our website. Shackles and eye bolts are a popular choice, as are our snatch blocks.

There are plentiful perks that come with buying from Lifting Gear Direct, aside from the sheer amount of choice available. We can even supply wire rope products which are customised to your needs. This means that no matter the scale of the lifting operations you have to complete, you should be able to find the kit you need to get up and running sooner. Every customer should, therefore, be more than satisfied by what we offer.

Order a builders hoist from Lifting Gear Direct

It could not be simpler to snap up excellent builders hoists from our site which are of a high quality and sold at a competitive price. To get more information or request a quote, call 01384 78004. You can also visit our contact page where our email form is situated.


What is a builders hoist?

A builders hoist or builders gantry hoist lifts loads like a scaffold hoist but is attached differently. The hoist is mounted to a special gantry frame which will need ballast boxes at the rear to counterbalance the weight of the hoist and load. The hoist and end of the gantry can be extended out over the edge of a building to lift up materials. No scaffolding is required for this lifting method.

What weights can a builders hoist lift?

1000kg is the maximum load capacity of the builders gantry hoists we can offer.

Can a gantry hoist use scaffold hoist accessories?

Yes, absolutely as this will further enhance the use of your hoist.

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