Imer et 300n builders hoist

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IMER ET 300N Builders Hoist

IMER ET 300N Builders Hoist

The IMER ET 300N Builders hoist / stand hoist is designed for use with a gantry frame or stand, the frame comes with four aluminium wheels as standard for easier manoeuvrability, and are ideal for use around any building site where a scaffold tower is not available.
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 With a 300kg load limit, the IMER ET 300N Builders Hoist is capable of tackling whatever lifting tasks you throw at it safely and speedily. If you have a scaffold tower you may prefer one of our scaffold hoists instead.

Key Features of the IMER ET 300N Builders Hoist 

The design and manufacture of this builders gantry hoist by IMER ensures optimum durability and reliability; everything a builder requires on a bust construction site. Durability is optimised by the oil bathed gears which are also helically toothed for quieter and smoother running. 

The positioning brake located on the hoist frame ensures the hoist remains firmly in position at all times. The motor is self-braking for added safety

In terms of productivity, the ET 300N can lift loads at an average speed of up to 19 metres per minute. This applies even if it is loaded to full capacity, so it is definitely far from sluggish when it comes to performance. 

IMER ET 300N Builders Gantry Hoist Usability

The standard IMER upper limit switch ensures the load is never raised up to its highest, maximum point which could damage both the hoist and the load.  

Includes a steel hook with safety catch, and a block and wedge for additional safety. 

This is a single phase gantry hoist which is available in 110v or 230v.  

The pendant type direct control panel has 3 push button features and a 1.5 metre cable which has the latest neoprene type coating for very high resistance to foreign particles and extreme environments.  

Overall this is a great example of the kind of high quality products that IMER creates across its entire range. It is compact without being undersized, productive without being overpowered and manages to do all of this while generating less than 75 decibels from the operator’s position. 

Other Hoist Products & Accessory Solutions

Lifting Gear Direct are also suppliers of IMER scaffold hoist and gantry hoist accessories to optimise the use of your gantry hoist. We can even inspect lifting equipment for you to make sure that it is safe to use and not about to succumb to damage due to wear and tear. If you are concerned about safe working at height, we also stock protective equipment that will allow employees to perform their duties without putting themselves at unnecessary risk. 

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Maximum capacity (KG)300
Av. Full load lifting speed19/18
Max. Working height (m)30
Ø steel rope (mm)5
Rope length (m)31
Motor power rate 230v/50hz 3 phase (kW)1.1
Motor speed (rpm)1320 (230V) 1325(110V)
Running current (A)12 (230V)/(110V)
Machine weight (KG)50 pendant control
SPL in operators position dB(A)<75
Dimensions w/l/h (mm)330/780/380
Packing dimensions w/l/h (mm)350/820/440
 Imer ET300N builders hoist dimensions