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Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

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A bottle jack is a type of hydraulic jack which is shaped like a bottle, (hence it’s name) with a cylindrical body and a neck. Bottle Jacks are a vertical jack into which you place a lever, which is moved up and down to raise the piston and pad to nearly twice the original height to connect with and hold the load.

Bottle Jacks started to become a popular accessory when the motor industry became more popular in the early to mid 1900’s and began mass production; this is because the most common use for bottle jacks is to lift a car; usually at the roadside to change a wheel for example. This is still what they are primarily used for today, though are becoming less popular because cars are lower to the ground, especially sporty cars and they will not fit under; they are well liked by truck and larger vehicle owners however, where there is much more ground clearance.

There are some other uses of bottle jacks which do not include vehicles; they can be used as pipe benders in plumbing, for hydraulic lifting stretchers in the medical sector and for lifting in a warehouse, they can also be a big bonus when repairing large machinery.

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