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Vast Selection of Winches Available to Buy at Lifting Gear Direct

We supply a range of winches suitable for most winching operations including manual winch, electric winch and pneumatic winch models, Electric 240v winch models are also available in the range. The range of wire rope cable pullers and Tirfor winch models are very popular with both DIY-ers and professionals alike and are the ideal pulling machine. The range of wire rope winches includes something for every task. The winch types you see here are also called a lifting winch, cable winch, pull winch or hand winch.

Aluminium Hand Winch - Console Mounted


About the Aluminium Hand Winch This wire rope winch is suitable for outdoor use..

Base Mounted Aluminium Winch


Features of the Base Mounted Winch: At a glance hardened worm shaft & se..

Cast Iron Winch


About the Cast Iron Winch Robust in nature this cast iron winch is ideal in ind..

Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Winch


About the Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Winch This wire rope winch is made from robus..

Light Duty Wall Mounted Winch


Key Features of the Light Duty Wall Mounted Winch Quick View spur gears on r..

Lightweight Wire rope Winch - Console Mounted


About the console mounted Lightweight winch This wire rope winch is available i..

Mini Winch


 About the Mini WinchThis mini winch is ideal for a construction site,..

Pfaff Beta Silverline Electric Winch


Ideal for all standard applications for lifting, pulling and positioning loads. ..

Stage Winch


The stage winch is a wire rope winch suitable for lifting loads above individual..

Trailer Winch


This winch is ideal for applications where electricity is not available or canno..

Wall Mounted Spur Gear Winch


About the Wall Mounted Winch with Spur gear This wire rope winch is designed to..

Yale RPE Electric Wire Rope Winch


About the Yale RPE Electric Wire Rope Winch    The RPE electric wire..

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About the Winch

At Lifting Gear Direct you can find equipment of many types, including winches that range from compact and cost-effective to hefty and hard-wearing. Find out all you need to know about our winch line up right here and order when you are ready using our contact info below! We have many winches suitable for different tasks including a trailer winch, electric winch, manual winch, Tirfor winch and many more.

Winches explained

A Cable Puller or Wire Rope Puller is a portable device which can be used for numerous operations such as; lifting, pulling, lowering, tensioning and securing all types of loads.

These winches are very versatile pieces of equipment not just because they are portable but also because they can be used in almost any position, i.e. horizontal, vertical, diagonal, not many pieces of equipment have this capability. Another great benefit of the wire rope pulling machine is that there is no limitations to the length of wire rope that it can pull through, so you could have different lengths of wire rope for different jobs but just one device, it also means that the rope is easily replaceable if it should get damaged.

Wire Rope Winches are also used for lifting but more for pulling and tensioning operations, we have a large range of manual wire rope winches available which can be mounted differently; there are column, floor or base & wall mounting options to choose from, as well as manual, electric and pneumatic powered models.

Our winches are not supplied with the wire rope as standard, though we can supply your choice of wire rope in most lengths, thanks to our own rope workshop.

Cable pullers  and Tirfor Winches examined

We have already mentioned that cable pullers are convenient for various lifting operations, so now it makes sense to discuss the specifics of what you can order from Lifting Gear Direct.

Our most affordable examples offer capacities ranging from 800kg to 3.2 tonnes, while we also stock branded equivalents from manufacturers such as Tirfor and Yale if you want a few more bells and whistles added to the basic functionality.

As with all of our products, each cable puller in the winch line up will have the full technical specifications outlined on its standalone page, although you can always ask us for additional information and guidance if you are uncertain on any point.

Cable winches investigated

Wire rope winches are far more varied in terms of their form and functionality than cable pullers, with the added complexity making for improved convenience while also giving you additional choices to make at the point of purchase.

Manual Hand Winch

Manual winches from brands like Pfaff require a bit more elbow grease to use, while representing a good balance of price to performance and also avoiding the need for a separate power source.

Electric Winch

Electric winches are efficient and effective in various scenarios, allowing you to safely haul larger loads without breaking a sweat. WLLs of up to 2000kg are available through the products we currently have stocked in this range.

Pneumatic winches are a different breed altogether, taking advantage of the power of air as opposed to an electric motor mechanism to operate. You get a significant slice of pulling force at your disposal when you choose a model from this line up.

Other lifting equipment to consider

You may not find what you are looking for in our range of winches, which is understandable as no two lifting operations are the same. Thankfully at Lifting Gear Direct you can browse a brilliantly broad range of products and pick the most suitable option for you, rather than making do with something that is less than ideal.

Take our hoists for example; this includes everything from manual chain blocks to electric hoists and air hoists, all from brands you know and respect.

We also make crane and gantry systems which are tailored to your specifications and kitted out with whatever other gear you need to get your operations up and running.

In short it should be simple to find what you need on our site and you can expect to receive competitive prices as well as excellent service from us.

Get in touch now

Speak with a Lifting Gear Direct specialist about your winch requirements by calling 01384 76961 or sending an email from our website. We can answer questions and provide quotes for whatever you need.


What Types of Winches are there?

Winches come in a variety of types from manual wind up winches to electric powered winches, some can also be mounted to a suitable surface. You will also find wire rope cable pullers or Tirfor winches which use a hand ratchet type lever to operate.

What are Winches Used For?

Winches can be used for lifting, pulling and tensioning tasks and your choice of winch will depend greatly on what you intend to use it for. For example a cable puller or Tirfor can be used to pull in any direction as the cable is pulled straight through two clamping jaws rather than wound. They are commonly used in vehicle recovery and by arborists. A wire rope winch will only pull in one direction as it is wound from a reel. These are typically used in agriculture, sports halls, industrial areas and more.

How far can a winch pull?

The distance that a winch can pull will depend on the winch itself. Wire rope winches are limited to the amount of wire rope that can be held on the reel. A cable puller however can use unlimited cable lengths as the cable is not wound on a reel during operation but passes straight through the jaws. Therefore with the addition of angled pulling the cable puller is much more versatile.

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