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Snatch block with hook

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Snatch Block With Hook

Snatch Block With Hook

Buy the snatch block with hook from LGD to make your lifting tasks easier.

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About the Snatch Block with Hook

Snatch blocks are much quicker to fit and rig up with wire rope than a sheave block. They are typically used to re-direct the pull on a winch as well as increasing the pulling capacity, sometimes up to double the stated SWL, beware of the extra forces implied though and ensure all fittings are up to it. 

This single sheave snatch block is made in carbon steel for strength and durability with a painted finish.

The hook fitting incorporates a safety catch as standard to ensure it remains safely in position.

The block can accommodate ropes of different diameters depending on the SWL of the model chosen, please refer to the tables below as it is extremely important to get the right match. Using a rope with too large or too small a diameter can cause damage to the rope and/or sheave and prevent the block from working correctly.

The rope is easy to insert into the block as the block opens up with a simple release mechanism.

This particular snatch block has a Safety Factor: MBL=4 x WLL where MBL means minimum breaking load. The Working load limit stated is on the head fitting.

The models with a working load limit over 4 tonnes are Fitted with roller bearings, and those under 4 tonne have phosphor bronze bushes. These enable smooth movement of the sheave, allowing the rope to be pulled through easily.

The blocks have been fully tested and are supplied with an EC declaration of conformity for your records.

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Working Load Limit Diameter Wire Rope Diameter Outside Sheave Length Width Width Outside Weight Each  
tonnes mm a mm b mm c mm d mm kg snatch block with hook dimensions
2 7-9 75 290 70 80 4
4 10-12 114 350 70 121 5.3
8 16 152 490 93 159 14
8 20 - 22 152 490 93 159 15
8 20 - 22 203 540 93 210 20
12 20 - 22 254 690 114 264 36
15 24 - 26 305 780 130 314 58