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Snatch block with shackle

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Snatch Block With Shackle

Snatch Block With Shackle

If you need to change the direction of pull in a lifting application then using a snatch block is the most common method to achieve this. This snatch block with shackle can be purchased for a great price from LGD where all your lifting needs are catered for.

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About the Snatch Block with Shackle

This single sheave snatch block can be opened up by the removal of a pin and screw mechanism to enable the easy insertion of the rope. The rope, whether wire or fiber must be of the correct diameter to pass through the block unhindered and to prevent unnecessary wear and damage to the rope and/or block.

You can see in the specification table below that the rope diameter will depend on the safe working load of the chosen block, for example, a 2-tonne snatch block will need a rope diameter between 7-9mm whilst a 12-tonne block needs a 20-22mm diameter rope.

This snatch block is manufactured from carbon steel and comes complete with a shackle fitting. The shackle has a safety bolt with a split pin for optimum safety.

There is a range of models available with WLL ranging from 2 - 15 tonnes. Models up to 4 tonnes incorporate phosphor bronze bushes and models with a WLL above 4 tonnes incorporate roller bearings.

These blocks have a good safety factor of maximum breaking load (MBL) = 4 x WLL. All blocks are proof load tested and come with an EC declaration of conformity.

These blocks have a painted finish. The measurements in the table are for guidance only and may not be accurate down to the last mm.

We also supply a range of other snatch and sheave blocks to suit a variety of applications, take a look and let us know your requirements.


Working Load Limit Diameter Wire Rope Diameter Outside Sheave Length Width Width Outside Weight Each  
tonnes mm a mm b mm c mm d mm kg
2 7-9 75 280 57 80 4
4 10-12 114 340 80 121 5.3
8 16 152 475 125 159 14
8 20 - 22 152 475 125 159 15
8 20 - 22 203 530 125 210 20
12 20 - 22 254 680 127 264 36
15 24 - 26 305 760 127 314 58