Triple sheave block with eye

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Triple Sheave Block with Eye

Triple Sheave Block with Eye

Buy your triple sheave block with eye from Lifting Gear Direct to get the best prices around.

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About the triple sheave block with eye

This is the largest of our sheave block range and consists of 3 grey iron plain bore sheaves for fibre rope or wire rope use. Is also available with steel sheaves and sintered bronze bush or ball bearings for wire rope use.

Malleable iron body with a hot dipped galvanised finish.

MBL = 5 x WLL.

Proof load tested, certs on request.

There are 2 models of this block, one with a 1 tonne SWL and one with a 1.5 tonne SWL. They need different diameters of rope to operate safely, the 1 tonne model needs a 16mm rope and the larger one needs an 18mm rope. Rope diameter is extremely important when using sheave blocks to enable them to run smoothly without damaging the rope or grooves.

Sheave blocks are typically used to increase the pulling power in a rigging combination, they can also be used to redirect the pulling direction. Always ensure you complete the sheave block technique safely.

More sheave Blocks, Snatch Blocks and Pulleys

Lifting Gear Direct have a great range of sheave blocks with 1, 2 or 3 sheaves; each type comes with anchor point choices - an eye or a safety hook so it depends on your preference. There are also a couple of snatch blocks with shackle or hook connection points, these are great for changing the direction of pull and make it easier to attach the rope.

We are able to supply wire rope in any format and can attach the fittings of your choice thanks to having our own wire rope workshop. Fibre ropes can also be supplied to your needs.

Working Load Limit Diameter Rope Length Length Diameter Depth Width Inside Length Inside Weight Each  
tonnes mm a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm f mm kg
1 16 229 102 60 81 19 35 2.6
1.5 18 292 127 83 98 32 51 5