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Pafbag bucket lifting bags

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Pafbag Bucket Lifting Bags

Pafbag Bucket Lifting Bags

Perfect for use in the construction industry this range of bucket lifting bags by Pafbag comes in a range of sizes from 14 litres up to 40 litres. Ideal as mortar buckets.

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Why use a Bucket Lifting Bag

Bucket lifting bags are used to lift and transport buckets and plastic trugs / tubs to higher levels.

When using a bucket with a metal handle or a trug with plastic handles, they can be difficult to lift to a height as you need both hands to climb up a ladder safely. Also the handles on these types of buckets don't generally last, especially under the heavy duty use they endure.

A bucket lifting bag alleviates both of these issues. Firstly when placed into the lifting bag it is the lifting sling within the bag which lifts the weight, therefore saving the strain on the bucket handle, it also leaves both hands free to climb safely, as a hoisting of pulley system will be lifting the bag to where it is needed. Another benefit is that your bucket can still be lifted even if the handles are broken.

More about Bucket Lifting Bags

We have three bucket lifting bags in this range, a 14 litre, a 26 litre and a 40 litre. The 2 smaller ones have a safe working load of 30kg whilst the largest can handle up to 60kg.

Each bag comes with the standard lifting sling which is incorporated into the bag through sling channels, enabling perfect stability and easy inspection of the complete sling.

There is a choice of a hard tray base or a softer protective boot to provide extra protection to the base of the lifting bag. Each bag has replaceable parts and a 2 year guarantee against manufacturers defects.

Other lifting bags for the Construction Industry

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a really good range of lifting bags suitable for lifting a range of objects on a building site.

There are a couple of tube lifting bags which can be used for longer objects such as scaffolding. There is also a specific bucket type bag for lifting scaffolding fittings.

Alongside these you will find a lifting bag for lifting panels and frames.

If you need other lifting equipment like hoists, pulley blocks, rope or shackles then we can supply all those too.  

Volume SWL Diameter
litre kg mm
14 30 300
26 30 380
40 60 450
All bags have the option of a hard tray or protective boot. All have bucket options.