Pafbag scaffold fittings lifting bucket

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Pafbag Scaffold Fittings Lifting Bucket / Tub

Pafbag Scaffold Fittings Lifting Bucket / Tub

This special tub like scaffold fittings lifting bucket has been designed to meet the challenges of lifting the fittings for scaffolding. However they can also be used for other small items like nuts and bolts.

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About the Pafbag Scaffold Fittings Lifting Bucket

Manufactured from a robust plastic material these lifting tubs can handle loads up to 60 kg.

It is 300mm in diameter and 400mm high.

The lifting sling passes through a channel incorporated into the walls of the tub and is largely protected from damage that may be caused by the contents.

The sling is compliant to EN1492-1 and suitable for sustained use on work sites. It can be thoroughly inspected by threading the sling through the channel. The lifting sling can be replaced should it become worn or damaged.

This bucket like lifting bag comes with a plastic lid. This has been designed to prevent you from over filling the tub but will also help to prevent the load from spilling.

At the base of the scaffold fittings lifting bag there are some pre-formed slots which aid drainage, therefore you could easily swill off the contents if dirty.

Aside from scaffold fittings there are numerous other objects that could be lifted with this lifting tub. Small pebbles, bricks or slate chippings for example or perhaps nuts and bolts and other types of metal fittings, in fact any smaller items that would generally wear out other types of lifting bags more quickly.

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