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Pafbag tube lifting bags

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Pafbag Tube Lifting Bags

Pafbag Tube Lifting Bags

These heavy duty tube lifting bags can be used for lifting and transporting tubes, poles, pipes and wood battens etc. 16 & 20 litre pole lifting bags available.

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About Tube Lifting Bags

Commonly used on construction sites, these tube lifting bags have the ability to carry multiple tubes, pipes or scaffold poles at once. They are also ideal for lifting these items through tight spaces such as stairwells or shafts.

The heavy duty construction of these tube lifting bags incorporate 3 removable steel rings around the side walls to provide great strength. What's more there is a steel base plate inside the bag to add extra strength and protection from sharp objects, it also helps to transfer the forces, initiated when the load in lifted, through to the lifting sling. A PVC boot provides extra wear protection to the outside the lifting bag.

As with all of the lifting bags we supply, these are no different. They include the sling tunnel through which the EN1492-1 compliant lifting sling is passed through. The tunnel runs the full length and underneath the bag to keep the sling in the optimum position, so the lift will be completely secure. This set up also allows for the sling to be fully inspected due to the fact that the sling can be passed around through the sling tunnels. A stainless steel delta ring or a purple wear sleeve will form the connection point at the top, its your choice.

These bags close at the top with a simple velcro secured flap and a snap buckle for added security. Therefore the contents are easy to load and unload whilst remaining secure through out transportation.

Both the 16 litre and the 20 litre lifting bag incorporate a rubberised carry handle to aid with positioning the lifting bag and carry around when empty. The handle can carry up to 30kg maximum, so should not be used when fully loaded. Both bags have a maximum safe working load limit of 75kg.

Lifting Bags For Other Objects

The full collection of lifting bags we can supply include bags for nearly all scenarios. From mortar to solar panels, gas bottles to scaffold fittings. We have open top bags for easy access and closed top bags for extra load security. Whatever you need to lift and move around there is sure to be a lifting bag within our range to suit. Lifting Gear Direct can also supply any supplementary lifting equipment you are likely to need.

Complying to all the necessary standards and with a 2 year manufacturer defect guarantee you can be assured of a great lifting bag to aid your load manoeuvring procedures.

Capacity Diameter Load Height Connector Height
16 litre 100mm 2000mm 2100mm
20 litre 100mm 2600mm 2700mm