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Cylinder lifting bag

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Cylinder Lifting Bag – NCLB

Cylinder Lifting Bag – NCLB

Do you need to lift gas cylinders? If you do then why not try a cylinder lifting bag. The incorporated lifting sling enables swift and easy lifting with any crane or hoisting device.

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About Cylinder Lifting Bags

Designed with gas bottles in mind, although lots of cylindrical object would fit, our cylinder lifting bags comes in two standard sizes which have working load limits of 250kg and 300kg. See the specifications for exact dimensions.

Like the majority of lifting bags at Lifting Gear Direct a number of strong web type handles are situated at strategic intervals on the bag to make handling easy from all angles.

There is a stainless steel lifting eye situated at the end of the lifting sling which enables quick and easy fitting to your lifting device.

These gas bottle lifting bags come with a self material bottom and although extremely strong you can add even more strength, stability and protection by adding the optional external tray. The tray is made from polyethylene which is commonly covered with a skirt made from the same material as the bag itself for a seamless integral look and to smooth the edges. The external tray is bolted to the main bag to ensure it stays in place. A further benefit the these trays is the wear protection they add. Lifting bags are commonly dragged along the ground or will simply wear over time by just sitting on its base and being moved repetitively, the tray will certainly extend the lifespan of the bag as well as adding rigidity to the base, a benefit when loading.

Our Lifting Bag Line Up

Lifting Gear Direct can supply lifting bags in many formats, from FIBC bulk bag lifters to lifting bags for the construction industry. Square, rectangular, round, extra large, tall, box type, backpacks or open or closed top are some examples of the vast range we have available at keen prices.

Expertly made in Great Britain to SI2307 & EN1492-1 Machinery Directive standards, tested to destruction and exceeding the usual ratio's. The minimum is 4:1 but many exceed 7:1. So you can rest assure that the lifting bags we provide are robust and safe to use.

Unique serial numbers assigned to each lifting bag ensures they are traceable and are supplied with a certificate of conformity.

Model WLL Dimensions L x W x H (mm) Tray/Skirt option
NCLB300 250kg 300 x 300 x 1010 closed height, 1210 open height Yes
NCLB1380 300kg 400 x 400 x 1180 closed height, 1380 open height Yes

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