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Tall lifting bags

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Tall Lifting Bags

Tall Lifting Bags

This range of tall lifting bags is ideal for lifting longer objects such a pipes or tripods. Available in a range of sizes and WLL up to 250kg.

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More About Tall Lifting Bags

When you need to lift loads that are long and/or slim then one of our tall lifting bags would be a good choice. They come in a wide range of sizes with the longest having a closed height of 2250mm.

Largely depending on the bag length chosen they will have either one or two handles on each side to facilitate easy handling.

Because these bags are long most will have a fold down section at the top which enables easier access thus making loading and unloading the lifting bag much easier. The sides are secured with a super strong velcro flap whilst the top has a double velcro closure both ensuring the contents remain secure until manually opened.

Because the velcro is so strong it can sometimes be tricky to get the opening started, therefore small finger tabs have been added to each strip of velcro to give more leverage; thus opening is much easier.

A robust webbing sling is stitched into the bag design, giving you optimum strength and stability. A stainless steel lifting eye can be found at the top of the sling so that the lifting bag can be attached to a hoisting device easily.

Tall Lifting Bag Options

Quality high strength materials are used in the manufacture of these lifting bags which are made here in the UK.

Most models have the option to add an external tray to the bottom, these are bolted to the bag an provide optimum protection to the base, the hardest working area; whilst also increasing rigidity.

Internal trays are another option, these add protection to the base internally whilst giving a little more rigidity. Pocket windows enable labels or document to be easily viewed and accessed, let us know f you need this optional extra. Colour choices include a range of blues and greens, red, orange, yellow, purple, black and silver.

Custom Lifting Bags

Need something specific? Get in touch with Lifting Gear Direct and let us know your size requirements, WLL, handle and opening options, tray options and colour option. Unstandardized bags can usually be made up for you.

This is usually the case for the different types of lifting bags available on our website. So choose your bag style, box type, open top, closed top or kit bag then take a look at the specifications. If the size you need isn't listed then give us a call with all your specifics and we will endeavour to help.

MODEL WLL (kg) Dimensions Length x Width x Closed Height (mm) Tray/Skirt Option
EX155 150 550 x 320 x 1550 YES
EX176 150 550 x 300 x 1620 YES
EXL350 80 350 x 350 x 1500 NO
EXL660 250 600 x 150 x 1600 YES
EX1500 150 360 x 360 x 1250 YES
FB1150 150 230 x 230 x 1150 YES
FLB1240 20 230 x 1240 YES
IFLB1750 170 500 x 500 x 1500 YES
LB2140 80 500 x 250 x 2140 YES
LNB2200 250 600 x 400 x 2200 YES
LNT35-45 50 350 x 450 x 1200 YES
STLB1750 170 700 x 700 x 1400 YES
TB940 30 400 x 400 x 940 NO
TRILB 250 500 x 500 x 1720 YES
XTRILB 250 500 x 500 x 2250 YES
XWNCLB1380 250 400 x 600 x 1380 YES