Pafbag gas bottle lifting bags

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Pafbag Gas Bottle Lifting Bags

Pafbag Gas Bottle Lifting Bags

Gas bottle lifting bags enable the easy lifting of compressed gas bottles. These high strength bags come in many sizes and incorporate many features to ensure the highest safety levels. Available in capacities ranging from 6 – 80 litres and differing dimensions.

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About Pafbag Gas Bottle Lifting Bags

gas bottle lifting bag measuringStoring and transporting compressed gas cylinders can be difficult, especially if you need to lift them to a specific height. Whether you are using a propane tank, butane gas bottle or any other compressed gas a gas bottle lifting bag from our extensive range alleviates the main problems whilst enabling better compliance with gas transportation and storage standards.

There are many sizes of compressed gas cylinders in use but there should be a bag within our range to suit the size of gas bottle you are using. Simply measure the height of your gas bottle from the base to the highest point of the straight side (before it begins to curve). Next you need to find the diameter of the cylinder. There are a few ways to do this; you can measure around the bottle (circumference) and divide it by Pi, or 3.14; or you can find the radius (centre point to edge) and double it. The former is the easiest and most accurate method.

Once you have determined the diameter it is best to add an extra 10-20mm to ensure an easy fit into the gas cylinder lifting bag.

Now you have the measurements you can find the perfect gas bottle lifting bag.

Key Features of the Gas Cylinder Lifting Bags

gas bottle lifting bag featuresDue to the nature of compressed gas bottles, safety when using and handling is paramount. This range of lifting bags has been designed with this in mind and encompasses many excellent features for easier and safer handling.

Firstly they incorporate the same features as most other lifting bags you will find at Lifting Gear Direct. These are; EN1492-1 compliant lifting slings – there are two independent ones on these gas bags. The slings thread through the standard sling channels to keep them in the correct position whilst enabling easy access for inspection as they can be slipped around the channel.

Each bag has either 1, 2 or 3 ring slings (depending on size) around the circumference. These provide formidable strength to the side walls.

The usual 5mm internal base plate, together with the external 5mm hard base tray provide added strength and wear protection.

Carry handles are present in the form of either yellow webbing loops or the normal rubberised handles. There are ferrous or stainless steel options for the master link for easier connection.

Features specific to these gas bottle lifting bags include a retainer strap, these come on the taller bags so that an added retainer belt (available separately) can be used to secure the bag and bottle to a secure structure. This is to be used to keep the bag upright and secure before the lifting hook is disengaged.

At the bottom of all gas cylinder bags is a vent hole which helps to prevent gas build up if any escapes into the bag

One of the best features of these specific bags is the closure type and location. The closure consists of drawstring bellows which can be pulled tight to prevent escaped gas or rain and debris getting inside the bag. Any escaped gas will vent straight into the atmosphere. The drawstring, when closed will sit under the gas valve controls which enables total use and control of the gas flow whilst still inside the bag.

Additionally the bags incorporate a clear document pouch for storing and giving quick access to Hazchem information at all times.

Other Types of Lifting Bags

If you need a lifting bag for purposes other than gas bottles then why not have a look through our complete lifting bag collection. We supply square/rectangular lifting bags, round lifting bags, open top bags and various types of closed top lifting bags. Each type comes in a great choice of dimensions and safe working loads. We also have a selection of more specialized lifting bags to suit more precise loads such as buckets, poles/tubes and frames.

gas bottle lifting bags

Help and advice is always available at UK leading lifting equipment supplier Lifting Gear Direct.

Capacity (litre) SWL (Kg) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Handle Type Number of blue Ring Slings Retainer Strap (Red)
6 300 160 390 Webbing 1 no
8 300 160 570 Webbing 1 no
9 300 180 390 Webbing 1 no
11 300 160 740 Webbing 2 no
15 300 188 570 / 1 no
18 300 195 600 / 1 no
45 300 240 910 Rubber 3 yes
59 300 340 630 Rubber 2 yes
64 300 360 630 Rubber 2 yes
80 300 270 1400 Rubber 3 yes