Gas bottle lifting trolley GBT

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Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley GBT

Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley GBT

The GBT gas bottle lifting trolley is a great dual purpose device which can be used for single gas bottle transportation as well as lifting.

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About the GBT Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley

If you need to move gas cylinders around your workplace but also sometimes need to lift them to a height then the GBT gas cylinder lifting trolley will be ideal for you.

Designed to handle just one cylinder at a time, the GBT can accommodate different cylinder diameters. The GBT is perfect for cylinders with diameters between 180 and 305mm. This model has a lifting capacity of 150kg.

Dual Purpose Cylinder Lifting Trolley

Wheel around or lift your gas bottles with a single product. Fully tested with certificate of conformity and CE marked.

The trolley incorporates a steel framework to cradle the gas bottle which will be held in place by two retaining chains, one at the top and one at the bottom. There are 2 solid rubber wheels with a large 200mm diameter to make transportation and movements pretty easy.

At the rear there is a double handle which enables you to to get a firm grip on the trolley with two hands. Using a foot placed against the bottom axle, the handles can be pulled down on to tilt the trolley backwards onto the wheels for optimum alignment for transporting.

The main rear framework incorporates a taller extended piece of robust box section steel with a small arm where the lifting eye is fitted. The lifting eye is 50mm in diameter and is centrally positioned to be at the centre of gravity of the cylinder for good stability. This eye can be connected to a lifting system such as an electric hoist on a crane or gantry system and then the gas cylinder and trolley can be lifted together.

Other Cylinder Lifting Equipment

Products designed to lift gas bottles come in a few different styles which Lifting Gear Direct can supply. We have a double cylinder option like the one discussed above as well as a couple of lifting cradles for 4 or 6 bottles although these do not have the wheels to push around.

If you have access to a forklift truck then we have a range of attachments suitable for lifting up to 4 cylinders at a time whilst making good use of your truck. These are also dual purpose as the forklift can lift as well as transport your gas bottles.

Simple gas bottle storage options and gas cylinder trolleys are also readily available at Lifting Gear Direct at the keenest of prices.

Model GBT
Capacity 150kg
Cylinder Diameter 180-305mm
Overall Size 400 x 400 x 1890mm
Wheel Diameter 200mm
Lifting Eye Diameter 50mm
Weight 24kg