CST cylinder storage transport pallet

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CST Cylinder Storage & Transport Pallet

CST Cylinder Storage & Transport Pallet

The CST cylinder storage and transport pallet is ideal if you are looking for a product that you can use to both lift and store gas bottles. A forklift truck is required to use it for lifting purposes.

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About the CST Gas Cylinder Storage & Transport Pallet

This pallet type cage system enables you to lift, move and store gas cylinders safely. For lifting and moving gas bottles you will need a forklift truck. At the base of the pallet rack under the checker plate surface there are two fork pockets where you can simply align your truck's forks and drive it in place.

The top framework helps to protect the bottles as well as keep them in position by using the ratchet straps fitted to the upper part of the frame. Once secure you can use the forklift truck to lift and move the pallet stand and cylinders to where they are needed.

The CST cylinder storage and transport pallet system is also an ideal piece of equipment for storing cylinders when not in use. It keeps the gas bottles upright and well protected from knocks.

This gas bottle handling system has a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg and can hold cylinders of all sizes above 1 metre tall. The number of cylinders you can get on the pallet will depend on the size. Comes fully certified to BS EN13155.

Other Cylinder Handling & Storing Options

Lifting Gear Direct has a good selection of equipment which is designed to lift, move or store gas bottles, some can be used for multiple scenarios. We have liftable trolleys which can be used for transporting cylinders as well as slung from a crane hoist for lifting the whole lot, bottle and truck.

Standard gas bottle trolleys are also available to suit 1 or 2 bottles at a time. You will also find other storage options like the WR series of wall mounted racks as well as a selection of products designed for lifting gas bottles. Browse the range to find your ideal gas bottle handling solution.

Model Capacity Cylinder Size o/All size Weight
CST6100 1000kg all sizes over 1m tall 1000 x 1020 x 1000mm 98kg