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Gas bottle holder wall mounted

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Gas Bottle Holder - Wall Mounted WR Series

Gas Bottle Holder - Wall Mounted WR Series

This wall mounted gas bottle holder enables the safe storage of 2 or 3 gas cylinders against a wall. There are 2 models available for various diameter cylinders.

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About the Wall Mounted Gas Bottle Holder

Storing gas cylinders should be taken seriously with all necessary DSEAR precautions taken and guidelines followed.

This wall mounted rack is really easy to install and use. Just a couple of wall plugs and substantial screws are needed for the pre drilled fixing holes and the gas cylinder holder will remain securely in place.

The gas bottle storage rack incorporates curved recesses or girdles which sit nicely around the cylinders.

Each recess has its own steel chain which wraps in front of the gas bottle and secured back to the frame with a rapid link. These retention chains ensure the bottles remain safely in an upright position.

There are two size options available to accommodate the differing sizes of cylinders, there is the WR200 & WR201 model which holds bottles between 100mm & 180mm. Then there is the WR202 & WR203 which holds bottles with diameters from 140mm to 270mm.

Both sizes are available in 2 or 3 cylinder options and are manufactured according to BS EN13155.

Keeping Gas Bottle Stored Safely

Gas bottles should always be kept vertical but this is not always so easy given their slim cylindrical shape and weight, especially in busy areas.

A gas bottle can easily be knocked over which could cause injury or damage the valve to cause gas to leak out.

By anchoring your bottles upright and out of the way you are endeavouring to keep the cylinders as safe as possible.

Lifting Gear Direct can also supply some other simple solutions for holding your gas bottles safely including multi-purpose items which can be used to lift and/or store cylinders or lift, move & store. Our liftable cylinder trolleys are great multi-purpose products and could solve all yourcylinder handling issues in one go.

Model No. of Cylinders Weight Cylinder Diameter Width x Depth
WR200 2 2kg 100 x 180mm 538 x 155mm
WR201 3 3kg 100 x 180mm 765 x 155mm
WR202 2 3kg 140 x 270mm 765 x 195mm
WR203 3 4kg 140 x 270mm 1045 x 195mm