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Double gas bottle lifting trolley

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Double Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley - DLT Series

Double Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley - DLT Series

There are 2 models for different bottle sizes in this double gas bottle lifting trolley DLT series, the DLT27 and the DLT28 which have maximum diameters of 230mm and 305mm respectively.

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About the Gas Bottle Lifting Trolley DLT27

The DLT27 and 28 are dual purpose cylinder handling devices capable of handling up to 250kg.

This gas cylinder lifting trolley is made from steel sections and designed to transport two cylinders at the same time.

There are 2 solid rubber wheels which provide easy manoeuvrability thanks to the large 400mm diameter. A the rear there is a further swivel castor which further assists with steering as well as adding extra support to the unit when used as a trolley to wheel around your gas bottles.

Cylinders are held secure with steel retaining chains across the front of the frame to prevent the bottles from falling out and enable transportation in a safe manner.

When the DTL gas cylinder lifting trolley is used for lifting gas bottles the unit can be anchored to a hoisting device via the top 50mm diameter lifting eye. Its centrally located to work with the centre of gravity to keep the unit and bottles stable throughout the lift.

The rear, long handle enables the trolley to be tilted easily for use as a trolley to push cylinders around.

In conclusion, the dual purpose design of the DLT27 & 28 makes light work of both lifting and/or moving gas bottles with one item.

Other cylinder Handling Options

There are quite a few other cylinder handling options to consider and you choice will depend on your needs. Do you want to transport, lift or store your gas bottles, or maybe a combination of these. Another question to think about is how many bottles would you like to move at the same time. The weight and size/diameter of the cylinder will also have an impact on which model you choose.

The Lifting Gear Direct team are on hand to answer any questions you may have to assist in choosing the best product for your needs.

Model DLT27 DLT28
Capacity 250kg 250kg
Cylinder Diameter 180 – 230mm 230 – 305mm
Wheel Diameters 2x Main/1x Rear 400mm / 160mm 400mm / 160mm
Lifting Eye Diameter 50mm 50mm
Overall Size 790 x 685 x 1870mm 940 x 760 x 1870mm
Weight 56kg 60kg